10 things to know before hiking with your dog

Hiking with your dog can be very rewarding but before hitting the trail you have to know some things to make the experience enjoyable to both of you.

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  1. Jennifer D. says:

    Don't over load your dogs backpack, and listen to your dog on the trail. They might seem happy, but sometimes they get tired too!

  2. 乇volve Outdoors says:

    Good tip's! Rule number one here is watch for Alligators, so a leash is a must!

  3. Farmwife says:

    Bring the paperwork as well as the tag that proves the dog is current on its rabies vaccine. This is the law in many areas. Dog poop: many times we dig it into a hole using a very light weight folding shovel if we know we will not have a way of disposing of it the same day. We have unlined fluorescent dog coats/capes for them to wear. The fabric is light weight, waterproof but breathable, and repels insects. Of course the tags on their collars has lots of contact info, their rabies info with vet name, as well as the words "I am friendly" for the dog who is 130 lbs. We do not let them run off lead when away from home but things can happen that may separate us so we take precautions. Our old dog, an 18 yr old rescue Pekingese, is close to the ground and too old to have oral or topical bug repellant treatments but her little cape works great at keeping her pest free so we place it on her every time we let her out here at home. She takes long walks here on the farm, in fact she runs, but if we were to hike with her, carrying her for part of the time would be a must so we leave her home. Our dogs do not wear packs. Hip issues and arthritis is a concern with our bigger dogs and we do not want to put anything on them that may cause harm. If we had a young healthy mid size dog we may consider a pack, but we don't have one in that size. One thing we have not found a solution for is the wet dog smell in the tent when camping with dogs and it starts to rain, so to me it a test that determines just how committed I am to hiking with the dogs. Lol. So far it is tolerable, but still when it rains for a couple days, that smell…..ugh. Just something to consider.

  4. sandra danen says:

    I likes this one way more than the previous one 😉
    If you are hiking in an unknown area, take a local vets phone nummer as well

  5. ilostmymind47 says:

    Very informative but Luna is saying I'm the best hiking dog ever

  6. Sam's World of Rations says:

    Great great advice from a knowledgeable dog owner, perfect👍

  7. Amber Kleinjan says:

    Truth, on packing enough dog food! Our poor Purple dog dropped 5lbs on our week long canoe trip and she is only 40lbs normally. We were cooking up our extra oatmeal for her. Also if you have an older dog pack pain killers for them if you are going on really rough trails. That will help them out the next day.

  8. Ella O’Brien says:

    Just before your last video I went for my first dog hike with my Luna up a mountain and when I returned home I couldn’t agree more with your video about the cons of hiking with dogs! She got muddy, she pulled and she got tangled. But in the end it was good fun and I’m definitely planning on doing day long and overnight hikes in the summer!

  9. Ice Monster says:

    Lots of good points! I would like to stress trail etiquette for dog owners. I kept my dog on a leash at all times. Unfortunately, I had to stop bringing her because she was attacked twice by dogs who were not kept leashed by their idiot owners. Now she fears the trails and is quite happy to stay home, and I am sad to hike without her.

  10. J Vatell says:

    A very good video that was very informative. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Brad Brazil says:

    Be careful hiking. You will run into the UN soldiers farting around in the woods. Hike in Transylvania!

  12. moonbear says:

    glad you brought up the dog poop thing in this part of england were i am there a lot of lazy dog owners who leave poop bags by the ways side. they throw it in the trees and hedges etc, i can only think they imagine the dog poop fairy will move it. it angers me so much one small walk i do reguler you cant walk more than 20ft with out seeing bags everywere…

  13. T Savage says:

    Great video. We all need to remember, we are the leader of our dog pack and must think and behave as that leader would. The pack is after all the important entity, not us. Dogs primarily travel and hunt in packs at night and rest in the heat of the day, it's why wolves and coyotes howl at night. If you are hiking during the day, you are asking your dog to function outside of its normal instinctive nature and we need to account for this in our hiking routines. Cheers

  14. Brian Spencer says:

    Hi Hiker: That's a lot of good advice & much needed. Thanks Brian 77

  15. Ene-Ly Männing says:

    Mul on alati väike labidas kaasas – metsas kaevan pisikese augu ja peidan kaka sinna. Ma ei tea, kas see on hea lahendus, aga ma ausalt ei viitsi matkal olles (eriti kui ma ei tea, millal ma saan selle ära visata, kuna ma ei peatu alati puhkeplatsidel) kanda haisvat kakakkotti kaasas.

  16. Akitas y Lúla says:

    Excellent information! to take into account for four! I go for a walk with four pets !! 😄😄

  17. Jacob oldtree says:

    make sure the dog has a heartgard tablet. its good to use for the dogs health.

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