10wk Halo’s Training for Off Leash Hikes

A clip of 10wk old Halo showing how I train and imprint on puppies to stick with me and follow so I can begin early off leash work with them on our daily hikes. Halo is out of 2 Blue Bay Shepherds.

*I have videos of me going through the whole process with Kurgan, Ulu and Ogryn already on the channel if you want to see more on how I conditioned my dogs to listen and follow along on our off leash hikes.

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  1. Poteluz says:

    It's freaking crazy, we have the same mannerisms in regards to our dogs to the point that when I watch the videos my dog thinks I'm calling him. My daughter came up to me and told me he does the same clicking and whistling sounds you do lol. I start them on off leash training similarly, almost immediately after I get them. Good content!

  2. pi_ beta says:

    Nice choice on the flexi style IMO. The light weight handle and fine cord helps that "off leash" feel vs. the big honkin' ones with the 2 inch wide rope!

  3. Gun Enthusiast says:

    Man she is going to be a stunning girl when she gets older. . Great job bro on the training👍😊🐾 …. just watching makes me want another puppy.

  4. Isaac Meza says:

    Nice video I do the same clicking noise with my dogs when I want them to follow and come

  5. K9Rex and Mads says:

    Great vid brormand, flexi line are a great tool for teaching offleash. i do the same i love flexi lines. shes a beauty like nr 105

  6. Jon Cart says:

    Would like to send u a pic of Magua he is 2 months old and 21 lbs

  7. Mr. Turtle Sun says:

    Awesome, love seeing your daily routine and how you prepare your pups for hiking.

  8. brandon kisala says:

    But daddy I wana sniff everything and ur not letting me;-).

  9. Jon Cart says:

    Ok the place where i got Magua is called Bull creek ranch. Look up their site and there is a pic of my pup actually a couple he is the blue fawn pup

  10. goober beans says:

    Love her markings, and those eyes!!! When is it too late to imprint? I'm thinking we missed it.

  11. ricardo estrada says:

    Hey buddy thank you for your videos. Is there a way to private message you about something about my dog that I have questions about.

  12. Godofdeath805 says:

    Thank you for the fantastic content! Been trying to figure out how to train my husky to do something similar

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