12wk Halo Leash Training

A clip of 12wk old Halo showing how I train and imprint on puppies 1st on a very light Flexi Lead to stick with me and follow along so I can begin early off leash work with them on our daily hikes. I like to start off leash work with my puppies at a young age. Halo is out of 2 Blue Bay Shepherds.

*I have videos of me going through the whole process with Kurgan, Ulu and Ogryn already on the channel if you want to see more on how I conditioned my dogs to listen and follow along on our off leash hikes.

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  1. Susan Brown says:

    She is growing fast. Pretty dog. I have a Lab/Pitbull. Best dog ever. She has manners also. See you next time.

  2. Car Silk says:

    You're a great role model, and I always appreciate the time you invest in your pack 🍻

  3. VannExel says:

    Hey Chad one question… Are u starting to recognize me?😅 I mean you've seen my comments. Oh and btw Halo is now my fav from one of your dogs now!! Before she was my fav Lobo is!😂😂

  4. zachythingy says:

    @1st508th Airborne Thank you so much sir for these videos. I myself am picking up an Australian Shepard puppy on July 6th. I am so excited and looking forward to the entire process of raising him. Your dogs seem so healthy, happy and beautiful. I look forward to hammering my first chicken quarter for my future dog! Thank you again.

  5. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs says:

    Yes the Bond is so important and that takes time and effort on our part. I do use food but fade it out and had no problems with my pack listening. We all train in different ways and it depends on what you are training obviously 🙂 . Thanks Chadde & Halo.

  6. Mr. Turtle Sun says:

    This was one of my favorite videos. Awesome info, and really cool to see how you maintain such a good pack.

  7. K9Rex and Mads says:

    Great way to train her Brormand, she doing fantastic. have a great sunday tommorrow.

  8. CK Tha Poet says:

    Do think you can do another video on why train your dogs without treats… i enjoyed hearing your perspective in a different way. Alot these popular trainers zack and ceasar use food to train. I would love to hear mire in detail what you done in the past, now why you do it and your thougjts on these populr trainers that use treats when training

  9. Aric Vanagunas says:

    Absolutely gorgeous little pooch! Great work, and hope everything is well my friend!

  10. Lydia Leach says:

    She's wonderfully awesome to watch grow up Chadde. Best to you both. Well to Buttons, Ulu, Lobo, Kurgan, Ogryn n Osker

  11. Carl,s Vlogs says:

    Hi Chadd, what a beautiful day hope your dont get sunburn:} like i did:} Halo is going to be so beautiful. Does Halo ever wake you up in the night??? or early in the morning:} please hug her for me and the rest of your wonderful pets, have a great week.

  12. FearlessMetv *Art & Design* says:

    Halo so smart! Getting so good with your training***

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