13wk Puppy Swimming in Mississippi for 1st Time – Halo in Paradise

This is a video from Halo’s 1st off leash hike through the Mississippi River valley at 13 weeks old. In this 3rd clip[ she swims in the Mississippi River for the 1st time. I was shocked to see just how good she swam her 1st time in deep water… better than any other puppy I’ve brought down here in the last 30yrs. Also with me are my Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan and German Shepherd Lobo. This video was shot on 13Jun18. (part #3)

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  1. steinderbush says:

    I,m amazed how good your dogs obey to you. They run away, but allways come back to see you! Halo is just a beautiful pup! All the best to you from Limburg( Netherlands)

  2. Guido Cifelli says:

    She’s definitely a superstar πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ. Great video and good luck with her

  3. Jason M says:

    Might want to check and see if she's got gills and webbed feet, because she's a natural in the water. 😁 Go, Halo!

  4. Janet Doten says:

    Kurgan is awesome he has a easy going attitude! Love watching your videos! Wait till she finds the Mudd like Kurgan! Lobo fetch the stick!

  5. tRapdontRap says:

    Question for you bud: do you think blue bays will ever become service dogs? Considering they have german shepherd blood on them and their what seems to be superior size?
    Side note halo peeing in the Mississippi and your comment was priceless, it came up while typing this comment lol.

  6. Vader's Mom says:

    Halo, Queen of the Mississippi πŸ€—!!! I watched a few of Halo's videos with my grandson last night while my daughter was with their 11 week old Chow/German Shepherd at vet (she has a broken leg from a nasty spill, but is expected to recover fully.). He loved watching her, and once he learned her name, he couldn't stop telling EVERYONE that was Halo 😁. He's 2 and loves all animals.

  7. Celia Huggins says:

    Beautiful day in paradise. I love watching Lobo and Kurgan watching out for Halo

  8. Gregor Miller says:

    Can't decide who's enjoying the walk more, proud PaPa:)….OHH, the reason she may have seemed reluctant to enter the water, she expected you to show her the way, /nudge /nudge, wink wink.

  9. Terri Boyd says:

    Loved it. Can't wait to see more. Halo was a great puppy choice. Calm, smart, assertive, yet recognizes her boundaries with the dogs and her human. πŸ˜‰

  10. The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf says:

    Another Fantastic video Chadde 🐺❀️! What is the temperature there? LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!! She was a Fantastic swimmer!

  11. Jyoti Maini says:

    That was an awesome video! I was surprised by the way Halo reacted to The Mighty Mississippi first a little hesitant and then as you correctly called her "Alpha Female"πŸ˜‰. Love watching her bouncing in water and the two boys looking out for her. Icing on the cake…. Zoomies hahahahahahaha Good luck with your future hikes and would be waiting for the videos

  12. Joyce Judd says:

    Kurgyns' daughter. No way she's not going to own that river!!! thankyou for sharing !

  13. inspiredmessenger says:

    She loved it. Hi Halo. Welcome to the family Halo. She loves the water, German Shepards you have force into the water. Not water dogs at all! She is a Starchild! My new favorite! She will steal your heart. Watch out! Airborne, Thanks for the breath of fresh air. you dont know how much the vids help me out.

  14. Cheryl Nelson says:

    Introducing Halo the doggie cannon ball LOL my gosh she is something else to watch and perhaps part fish! Watching her when you walked up away from the river she started to blend well with her surroundings….oh boy! My older Aussie, Joker, was like that even though he was a cinnamon red merle, he could hide in plain sight in the right places! Loved that dog and miss him a lot. Later πŸ™‚

  15. Leo& Taro says:

    Halo looks like a romping mermaid in Mississippi river . Did she get tired after hiking?

  16. jag0wnsu says:

    Can't get enough of Halo! She's such a cutie and seems to pick up things quickly πŸ™‚

  17. Odin the German Shepherd says:

    LOLOL Halo marked the Mississippi as her own!! HaaaaHaaaa. Good Girl!! Halo is stealing the show!!

  18. David Straub says:

    Halo was nooooot ready to leave the river …… she's gonna be another Lobo ~8^) She just zoooooms right in! Kurgan was a slight bit jealous I believe. He'll have to get over it …… cuz she's a waterdog now! Take care ….. would love to see Ulu and Halo at the river together.

  19. Katy Belyea says:

    I looked like Kurgan was going to pull Halo out by the scruff of her neck.

  20. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs says:

    Halo is a natural swimmer and clearly enjoys it πŸ™‚ Thank you

  21. Mr. Sun Turtle says:

    Kurgan doesn’t want to lose his little sis in the current haha

  22. Vanessa Rahimi says:

    Looks like you might have another mud monster in the near future!!!

  23. Tracey Swanson says:

    I watched the video of your son eating a hot pepper a few years back. How's he doing now? Aww, looks like Kurgan was trying to keep her outta the water.

  24. Richard Parker says:

    Now after the "christening" in the Mississippi Halo is full member of your wolf pack! πŸ™‚ πŸ‘

  25. Akitaluv2 says:

    Love watching your pups! I have an alpha female that lifts her leg to pee lol

  26. Ma Lu says:

    SIR! With all due respect… I've just gotten off the phone with the widow of a purple heart recipient. Completely off subject but I just wanted to thank your better half. Without such women…we wouldn't have the men we have serving. Bless all the Alpha Females that can keep it down at home with dignity.

  27. P Whizzle says:

    I am the owner of a 1 year 3 month old working Spaniel. I don’t use him for working, but his extremely high prey drive translates on our off leash walks. Since I live on a prairie, this can be scary when he sees a rabbit or low flying bird half a mile away and wants to take chase. In the forests, most of the animals are out of sight so he hangs around close. Don’t know what I’d do without that dog πŸ™‚

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