These survival tips may literally safe your life one day. Especially if you’re a nature lover, often go hiking, climbing and spend much time into the wild.

I’ll show you how to make a fire using your phone’s battery, escape from crocodiles using zigzag movements, use super glue on a wound, drink snow if you’re thirsty, not to pour water on a burning frying pan, what to do if you have deep wound or caught up in a rip current.

Also remember the rule of three, you can last:
3 minutes without air
3 days without water
3 weeks without food

I’ll also share with you tips how to survive during a hurricane, behave in a storm, find water in a desert, survive the fall of in an elevator, act when you’re attacked by dog, escape from a sinking car and what to do if you fell under the ice.
Stay safe and sound!


0:25 Cool knots
4:04 Water filter
5:51 First aid in the wild
7:17 How to correctly sit in the wheel
15:05 Things that’ll help you survive in a dangerous situation

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  1. Immortal Singh says:

    Wow really amazing………….. Guys 1 month ago i am losted in a forest i really stay there for 2 days somehow i survived there

  2. bing bong says:

    How can hanging up a rope on the wall in a fancy bundle help save my life

  3. Celina HD says:

    Saving for zombie apocalypse…or when you are on an abandoned island…with cannibals…

  4. doanutTHEnut says:

    Another driving rule could be that your thumbs are placed on top of the wheel and not inside it. So you dont broke your thumps by accident.

  5. Algae Avenger says:

    10 and 2 is outdated. You WILL break your thumbs and wrists during air bag deployment. 9 and 3 is better. And don't loop your thumbs under steering wheel.

  6. Xx_WOLFIE_xX says:

    Thanks for teaching me how to make a nose, now hanging my self won't be hard, because I know how to make one lol

  7. RockLover007 says:

    Fire escape one with knots on the rope aren't really shown or explained well at all.

  8. Pachyorist says:

    Putting rope around the body and head of a tick could make it throw up, injecting it's fluids into you, so does pulling it out slowly. You want to pull it out calmly but give as little time as possible to react.

  9. annie lu says:

    Hmmmm…plz becarful cuz strangers can unlock ur door by those hacks…………..

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