24 (!!) ways to put up the DD xl tarp (10*15ft). Tarping is zen.

Liberate yourself and start tarp camping with a big rectangular tarp. Anyone can do it, in all conditions. A tarp is as good as an outer tent, and much more versatile. Create a backpacking tent for two or three, with lots of room for gear. Be one with your surroundings in a wilderness shelter for up to five people. Sleep in a good looking pyramid tent, safe from hail and wind. Live the good life with a cooking area or dining fly.

In this video a demonstration of all these things. Detailed pitching instructions and other technicalities will follow in later video’s.
The DD xl tarp measures 3 x 4.5 meters and weighs just over a kilo. It was sent to me for free by the guys at dd, just like the tarp pole that you can see in action in this video.
Please feel free to leave comments and questions, kind regards, Papa hiker

  1. Åge-Johan Dagslott says:

    Great video again!

    I just purchased the DD SuperLight Tarp and the DD SuperLight Tarp S, for use with one of my Hammocks, or in combination with a tent and I think they are great with all the attachment points (they are also how I came across your videos).

    Guess I'll consider getting the SuperLight XL as well, seeing all these great setups that you do with the rectangel shaped tarp.

  2. 33762636 says:

    I would love to see your suggestions on what to do with a small poncho. Perhaps now that you have done a video with XL you can do a video with S. 🙂

  3. putra mulya says:

    Great master tarp
    Do you have the video to set up twin peak hexamid..?
    Thank you

  4. Paul Nagel says:

    Genius! I have a large tarp and really like that people are starting to understand their versatility.

  5. William says:

    Papa hiker, ik ben de overstap aan het maken om ook met een tarp te kamperen en de tent achter me te laten – echter vroeg ik me nog een paar dingen af. Ik denk dat ik het aan niemand beter dan aan jou te vragen om me op weg te helpen 🙂
    – Wat voor touw beveel je aan bij het tarpen? Er lijken veel soorten te bestaan met allemaal voor/nadelen. Zou 550 nylon paracord nog altijd gewoon werken ondanks dat deze krimpt bij vochtigheid e.d.?
    – Ik zoek nog een klamboe die goede synergie heeft met een tarp maar ik vind dit nog moeilijk te beoordelen. Momenteel neig ik naar een piramide-vormige klamboe tent.
    Mocht je dus suggesties hebben waar ik dit het beste kan kopen hoor ik het graag.
    Bedankt !!

  6. Tactical _ Bushcraftlife&More says:

    Amazing job on the video. Thanks for sharing. Love the tarp configurations
    Also love your editing skills and what you did with your channel.
    You have my subscription would love to have your support as well.

    Thanks again
    ATB Joe

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