An Honest POST trip gear load out…and it’s not pretty! Gear I used to see this Moose.

After my trip with Joe Robinet, Shawn James and Doug Outside I decided to film my gear being unpacked. Nothing fancy, just unloading my gear and explaining what worked and what didn’t.

  1. My Self Reliance says:

    What do you mean I wasn't the first one to wear a Tilley? 🙂
    FYI, the chest bag I wear to carry my camera on portages is a Lowepro Toploader Zoom soft case. It's great because I can easily slip my camera into it if the seas get rough, snapped to the thwart to keep it on board in case of capsize.

  2. Jeff Richards says:

    Thanks for sharing your gear choices and what didn't work. I always bring waaay too much stuff I never use. Always worried the situation would arrive when I need an Item and I didn't bring it. I think everybody is neat on organizing their gear before the trip and at the end when you go home it's a mess or not as neat as it was when you started your trip, plus the long ride home and unpacking everything. Great informative video. Thanks.

  3. Eileen Allemm says:

    How lucky to be able to hang out with those three men Joe, Shawn and Doug,

  4. Christopher Cooper says:

    Every trip gives you a little bit more experience and the more you do the more knowledgeable you will become.

  5. Steven McGarva says:

    Nice video, I always end up bring things that I never use. I also keep clean clothing in the car for the drive home too. Also extra water or a juice box with a chocolate bar.

  6. Gordon Miller says:

    That is cool to see your after trip gear display and after action review of it. Those guys are fortunate to have you along on the trip. Thanks, Scott!

  7. Dave Rose says:

    I always review my gear choices after a trip. It's great way to fine tune and reduce.

  8. Scott S. says:

    This was a great vid! I love seeing what other folks bring and picking up tips and tricks. I’m thinking about doing something similar with the shoes and socks. You’ve mentioned this before in a different video and it struck me as a good idea then as well. I need an upgrade to bringing sandals AND boots. That looks like the ticket!

  9. mushercdn says:

    Really good idea for a video. Original in its reality, and educational in content. Thanks.

  10. Jeff Wise says:

    Good job on the post trip debrief. You seem to have a well thought out system that works for you. Can't agree enough on the JetBoil. Use mine all the time. One item I bring is a notepad for writing down what I should have brought while still fresh in my mind.

  11. Antipas 1611 says:

    What do you mean “I’m not kind,” just not your kind -Dave Mustaine

  12. Doug Outside says:

    Yeah,I problaby wont stop next time for you to take pictures either -haha -great idea on the post trip load out

  13. David Lintner says:

    Like seeing your gear at the end, and the reasons you would change specific items. Nice going, “new guy.”

  14. ACrawford36 says:

    Like the no bs post trip gear video. You don't see that often at all.

  15. Paul says:

    If like me you have perfect long vision but need glasses for reading I have in the last year gone to bi-focal contacts, which are basically a 0 for long and have the reading elements in rings which allow you to focus either long / short or reading, what a difference they have made for me , no more finding glasses , having them fall off my head etc , took me a while to get used to but have made a huge difference for outdoor life including photography etc

  16. Cragdwella says:

    Nicely done man ! I have heard that the thermo-cell is a joke. You are correct its only good when the air is still. Kinda gimmicky. Looks like you have everything pretty much figured out ! Thanks again for sharing ! Peace ✌️

  17. The Canadian outdoor stud says:

    Hey Scott keep it up with the channel it's awesome ! What is your pfd? looks nice, I really like the big folder over pocket in the front !

    Have a good Canada Day !

  18. Kevin wooten says:

    This was very helpful. My wife and will be Moving to Alaska in a few months We are from Northwest Florida and are looking forward to the new adventure! we Just purchased a new camera (cannon t7I) we camp here quite a bit and really appreciate you being honest and helping with what not to do.

  19. ogninjaspy says:

    Great video. Very helpful. I just got home from a trip, today, and im doing the same thing – reviewing my gear to see what worked/didnt.

  20. David Oakes says:

    good idea doing the post trip gear video, never seen anyone do that. Loving the "hidden camera" feel , did you hide the camera in an old shoe box or something…? ; )

  21. Tim'r says:

    Great video, I do the same when i unpack from a hunt !
    Its unbelievable how much stuff we think we need and really never use.

  22. Joey Busse says:

    I'm pretty close to pack contents as you, but I use for water is a UV light pen. Can purify water right in the bottle and batteries last a really long time. I also carry a fiskars hatchet. Really good steel and light. Holds an edge well. And lastly I bring a pocket chainsaw. I literally took a chain from chainsaw (new) and using wire made rings with Paracord loops from that. That way I can use two sticks for handles and very easily cut wood. And if two people use it together it's insane how fast you can go through wood with little effort.

  23. Keith Johnson says:

    Conveniently I am in the market for new shoes.  These TechAmphibians look quite interesting!

  24. Jason Smiley says:

    rub a candle on the zips of your life jacket, works well for tent zips too!

  25. Keith Johnson says:

    On the topic of the TechAmphibians,  How have you found their sizing?  No one locally has them in stock. 🙁

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