Animal Kingdom | Pandora Na’vi River | Kilimanjaro | Expedition Everest in 1 Day

Wow what a Magical day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
We go to Pandora and ride Na’Vi River Journey
Go on a Safari and take a tour of Everest.
Did you see the Hidden Mickey?

Bavosa Family Vlog now B-Bunch :

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  1. Tis Lisa says:

    This was awesome guys💙 I've never been here😣 can I ask the last shop yous were in was that a DUFFY BEAR on the shelves? I thought that was exclusive to Paris? 💖From ☘

  2. Bob and Ashley says:

    Join us as we spend the day at Animal Kingdom. How relaxing can this park be?

  3. My Westies TV says:

    Good morning, Animal kingdom video Is a great way to start today thanks for sharing Mike

  4. Melanie Dickson says:

    This was such a nice and relaxing vlog. Thank you for sharing! Love Na'vi.

  5. Julie Schmehl says:

    AK is my favorite park!!! Next time I’m there, we need to go to the Nomad Lounge, it’s awesome!!! I love Everest in the front row; no other way to ride it! 😉

  6. BigBear77 VLogs says:

    Awesome I have never been to Animal Kingdom yet through all the videos I see it it is becoming one of my favorites LOL… I am definitely going to have to make it out there soon… 🐻👍

  7. Pretty Cool Vlog says:

    We enjoy animal kingdom in the morning too! Looks like it was a nice day. Did you say "peanut butter chicken cookie"? What's that all about lol?

  8. Bubba Ray Biscuit says:

    Divine is so awesome! I have yet to find her in the park, but I'm also not the most observant feller in the world. I love the look of this park. The theming is just amazing!

  9. D&G Explorers says:

    Pandora is an amazing land, We kept hearing how short the Na'Vi River Journey was, but although we wanted more, it didn't seem that short. Great filming! Wow, we want to go back.

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