Arizona Trail 2017 – Part 1

AZT Section Gear List –


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– Camera –
G7X Mark ii –

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  1. Kent Henson says:

    That is my biggest concern about hiking out west is the possible scarcity of water. Having been a heat casualty several times, I am loathe to attempt it.

  2. Deborah Shaw says:

    Hey Darwin, nice video! Any plans to do the southern sections of the AZT? I love Northern AZ, especially to escape the desert heat, but once you get a little further South, out of all those trees, the scenery really opens up and is totally unique.

  3. Daniel H says:

    Looks like a really nice trail.
    Looking forward to the next part/s you will share with us.

  4. "Today was a morale booster. Much needed." So glad to hear you say that. Those who haven't thru hiked (and I have only done the JMT) need to be prepared: thru hiking is as much an emotional roller coaster as a physical one. Best wishes.

  5. Marius Engelsen says:

    Have you considered bringing your titanium mug for water boiling? That way you can make hot food and coffe over a small fire between 2-3 small rocks. Or maybe even bring a small ultralight wood stove?

    The weight of the mug, at least, is next to nothing. It can even be used for boiling unfiltered water in case your water filter is broken 😉

  6. cgriggsiv says:

    Let me know whenever you get over to Mesa Arizona on that part of the trail I'm getting a hold of my brother so you can go over that way there and take a rest and take a load off
    And maybe Inspire my nephew

  7. bertman4 says:

    Dry camping sucks. That CNOC water bag looks great in operation. I pre-ordered one thanks to your review.

  8. B Madonna says:

    Love all of your videos, gear reviews, tips, dos and donts, etc, but it was really nice to 'experience' a hike. I think it adds important context to the other videos on your channel. Thank you.

  9. Warren Davidson says:

    Hey Darwin I enjoyed part I and looking forward to future posts.  Hope to see you do a segment on dry soaking and I'm going to have to try coffee water sometime, I usually use Nuun tablets.  Have fun.

  10. Zac Webb says:

    I feel as Ive been gaining more experience hiking that your method is almost an art form. We all find what works best for us. Hike on Darwin, keep kicking ass!

  11. Mr Tmax says:

    Really enjoying the adventure so far. This is the first of your hiking vids I have watched. You do a good job putting together the vid.

  12. Into the Backcountry says:

    Love your videos man. I was wondering how you video your hikes with the canon camera? Do you shoot in Manuel or auto?

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