Awesome Gifts for Pets Tonka Loves Them!!

This is a Sponsored video and we are SO Excited to be Sponsored! These are Awesome Products! We LOVE all of these products and we think you will too! The grooming items worked so good on Tonka’s coat and Princess loved the dog carrier!
Sponsored video!

Funny-Honey Front-facing Dog Carrier Travel Pet Bag Backpack Hands-free Adjustable Sturdy Comfortable Dog Outdoor Hiking Bags Multicolor S M L XL

Funny-Honey Pet Grooming Comb Brush Dog Hair Brush Professional Deshedding Tool For Short Hair Dogs and Cats S M L

CN CUBE Inflatable Portable Air Lounge Hammock

2-in-1 Pet Grooming Glove Dog & Cat Brush Efficient Pet Hair Remover – Massage Tool with Enhanced Five Finger Design 1 pair

Funny-Honey Pet Anti-dirty Dog Mat With Non-Stick Materials For Small Medium Large XLarge Dogs Cat Sleep Mats Multicolor

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Tonka & Abryella




Capone The Bully

ChefBoyOh Tonka

World Of Woo The Bluebay Shepherd & Princess Too

  1. Sandra van den Brink says:

    A travel pet bag would be great for you and Tonka!😉

  2. amxautox says:

    HaHaHa Princess Carrier. lol They probably don't make a Tonka Carrier. 🙂

  3. Vanessa Amalraj says:

    Please be careful while pulling the zip for the 1st product. The dog's hair sometimes gets stuck in the zipper. And it hurts them:(

  4. Shirley Oliva says:

    I got my tiny rescue petey a dog backpack carrier he loves it i got mine off of wish on my phone they do have some good dog things for all size of dogs

  5. Shirley Oliva says:

    Go on the wish app they have all kinds of things for dogs camping things the blow up thing you got go to wish app they have everything they even have a dog toy where the dog can get his own water and can play with it as well

  6. Gabriela Carrillo says:

    Look at ant jenn being a internet sensation w princes awww

  7. Gabriela Carrillo says:

    Test this product out ant jenn Go for a jog tell us if it hold not just wear it. Hello

  8. Shashank Telang says:

    i dare u to put Tonka instead of princess in that carry bag pouch😂

  9. Rinku Debbarma says:

    Awsome gift for pet seriously….tonka ..princess n wooo just love their gifts.

  10. david white says:

    could you do another video with tonka in that harness thing at the start

  11. Doris Gibbs Sinclair says:

    Hi Bonnie
    I am not sure about the first product. I will have to see Tonka in it. Let me know if he approves.

  12. Shakuntala Clare says:

    Poor princess. She's not loving the carrier. Mom how could you do this to me. No momma No.
    😂 Wow Tonka enjoyed the brushing and the hand glove grooming. Thanks for sharing your shopping video Bonnie. Have a blessed day 🤗 😘 🐺 ❤️

  13. OG MR. Molina says:


  14. Diane Walker says:

    the grooming glove and brush were especially good! The carrier will come in handy if you go on longer walks with princess, her little legs can have a rest 🙂



  16. jenn The FAM says:

    Bonnie Tonka aunt jenn woo tonka's bride thank you for sharing this video titled Awesome Gifts for pets Tonka loves them love you all love you Tonka and Woo

  17. Lilibeth Beach says:

    Princess look so comfortable 💕Tonka love gifts 💝 🎁

  18. SwanInnSongkran says:

    I feel it's only right to bring up a few points here. Woo was very busy looking for more ghosts and found it difficult to take part in the inspection of the goods. Tonka was disappointed he couldn't be carried in the front rucksack thing and was hoping he could have a go tomorrow. As a matter of interest has the paw-nup been signed yet?

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