Baby’s First Hike | HAUSOFCOLOR

Sorry guys, it’s a reupload because I had the wrong dates in the video ??‍♀️, I was gonna let it go but I couldn’t sleep!! ?

By the way, if you’re reading this, please remind me to talk about P still getting up in the middle of the night for milk! It’s becoming a bad habit, any tips would be greatly appreciated! xx

Places we went to:
• Franklin Falls (waterfall/trail)
• Din Tai Fung
• 8 Oz Burger
• Seattle Fish Guys:
• Pike Place Chowder

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  1. TONGWEI LU says:

    Hello beautiful! Just wondering what's the brand of the drinking cup that baby P using?

  2. yungmunyhuny says:

    Ugh, the one lane traffic right now ??
    I travel to Tacoma a lot and that drive sucks right now lol

  3. Camia Black says:

    Hey mama! Check to see if his molars are coming in, that might be why he wasn't eating! My son was going through that and now he's eating all his food (almost) lol

  4. Susan Tran says:

    So adorable! He did so good on his first hike! What carrier were you using btw?

  5. Camille Brister says:

    Wow Preston is growing sooo fast glad to see him doing better

  6. ana_solis88 says:

    I just started watching your videos and you're so great!! So glad I found a cool mommy vlogger! Xoxo from cali

  7. HeyImValarie18 says:

    I think Tahoe's tap water tastes amazing, like, just melted from the mountains good. js lol.

  8. tweetran says:

    i love franklin falls! i prefer hiking here vs Snoqualmie falls. I went to Snoqualmie for the first time last weekend and was not at all impressed ):

  9. Briana Uribe says:

    Awww such a beautiful view thank you for sharing!! Preston baby you're getting so big and handsome. Loved this vlog LV always look forward to your uploads ♥♥♥♥?

  10. Iva Hristova-Kovalska says:

    LV would you please talk about the bottles you used when you were breastfeeding (more accurately pumping and giving P breast milk from a bottle)? What was your experience with different bottles? Was it hard to find bottles that worked for you best? Which bottles actually worked for you and why did you like them? Which bottles would you recommend? Thanks!

  11. Maaamz says:

    Haha yeeeah Preston is a foodie!! So good to see him enjoying his food 😀

  12. Josephine says:

    what's the song called when you were at the waterfall? it's soo beautiful:)
    little p is as cute as always!!!

  13. Madina Turysbekova says:

    Question!!! Do you let let Preston sleep in the car once he falls asleep or do you wake him up? We switched to the big seat and I don't know what to do when baby falls asleep and I gotta pee or be somewhere!!!

    Also, I love how Preston drinks and makes the sound! So cute!

  14. Anh Phan says:

    what sippy cup is Preston using? I am still in search for a leak and spill proof sippy cup with a straw

  15. Jessi Vee says:

    Can you do a video letting us know how you did it to loose the pregnancy belly fat? Lol thanks ??

  16. StoneWallFlower says:

    I love the mommy life , but I really miss your old videos. Would love for you to mix it up a bit and content to not always just be vlogs.

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