Backpacking on Grand Island Michigan in Lake Superior next to Pictured Rocks

Backpacking on Grand Island Michigan in Lake Superior next to Pictured Rocks. September 3rd & 4th 22 miles in two days one night. uptrail71: backpacking, hiking, hammock camping, gear reviews, ultralight gear, and outdoor activities.

  1. Mike Favia Outdoors says:

    Very nice video Bob….scenery was awesome with the cliffs and waterfalls. Was nice to hear your wife point out some of the particulars. Just a really beautiful area. Thanks for sharing and we'll catch you on the next one. ATB Mike

  2. PREPFORIT says:

    Great cliff views.
    Glad there are some good water sources.
    And albino squirrels ????

  3. Msilverhammer says:

    What, no swimming?

    Perfect opportunity for a swim and picnic on the beach after a long hike.

    Anyway looks like a nice uncrowded place to spend a couple days.

  4. Steve LFZ says:

    Great video! Pictured Rocks Cruise boat comes close to the shore of Grand Island and I always wondered what was on the island…had no idea that there were cliffs. Wow! I recall seeing a very beat up dock and lighthouse when we passed by. Thanks for taking us along!

  5. Kentucky Woodsman says:

    Neat history and a really beautiful area. I know I say this in every video you make on Lake Superior, but the super clear water amazes me. Most of our lakes are green. Looked like a great trip. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  6. Larry Parnell says:

    Beautiful Island ! Does the Ferry have more than one pick up time everyday ? Or do you need to make sure to return to pick up point a certain time?

  7. Tim Watson says:

    That place was gorgeous. I think hiking next to Lake Superior is one of the coolest experiences I've had so far. Nice that you got your wife to talk a bunch in this one! ??

  8. DRAUSSEN sein says:

    Great evening performance, especially to the rear the landscapes are always more beautiful, a really beautiful storage place by the lake, all around successful backpack-tour, I liked it very much. Best greetings from Germany, Angela

  9. Bluecollar Backcountry says:

    Wow Bob thanks was great. Very beautiful scenery and views. I really like the cabins and the old cemetery. Pretty cool.

  10. Jason Wish says:

    Thanks a lot Bob, you just made it even harder for me to wait for my pictured rocks trip 🙂
    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Aethelwulf Frithugar says:

    Thanks for a great hike! Awesome vistas! I'm glad Grand Island is for the public to enjoy. Amazing area. Cheers!

  12. Scott Taylor says:

    That is some clear water. I really like the views on top of the cliff. I always like a stealth camping site as well

  13. OUTDOORS55 says:

    What a cool island. All those lake shore trails look amazing. The water was so clear too! Kinda seems weird walking down the beach to get drinking water lol!

  14. potatothorn says:

    Spectacular TRip! like a big green tunnel out there. lots of great views too. nice of the storms to happen at night!! Between campsites, cabins and i looked it up they call it random camping wow this is a cool island. Love the little lakes too, i especially like the swampy area by echo pond i think it was.. Roxana and i really enjoyed this but she was complaining about how many miles you did haha!!

  15. Smell N Roses says:

    Awesome trip! I hope to make it up to your area some day, the UP and some of those islands are just too nice looking to pass up. Ouch on the cost of the ferry ride but I guess they know they got you. Hard to swim with a backpack so you got to fork over the $15 LOL!!! I've noticed on many of your recent videos your wife has started to take a more active role in the video. She must be warming up to it. Watch out she might take over your channel before long. Enjoyed all the awesome lake views. The waterfall and beach were cool. Lots of varied terrain out there. I like those cliffs that just drop straight into the water. The old cemetery was interesting. Great trip, enjoyed your video!

  16. The Fit French says:

    A beautiful trail around an amazing location! the views of the Lake superior are quite impressive! very good video 🙂
    I just subbed (#1,127) to your channel and will come back for more! Have a good day and come see my channel sometime 🙂 Cheers!

  17. TheWeekendHiker says:

    I bet it was a lot of work to run the water service out to that hydrant, lol. Love the water fall. Those cliff views over the water are awesome! It looks like it is pretty flat hiking from what I can see? Take care and God bless Bob! -ATB Adam ?

  18. Backpacking Wilderness Adventures says:

    Awesome video! My brother and I have booked preservation point and little Dunes II and we'll be doing this island Loop this weekend looks like the weather will cooperate however we're getting quite a heatwave so it's going to be very warm keep up the great work!

  19. Backpacking Wilderness Adventures says:

    I meant to ask you did you have any cell service at all on Grand Island?

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