Bahria Town Karachi Street View 2018 June

Bahria Town Karachi Street View Drive June 2018

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  1. nadeem butt says:

    Mashallah One of the biggest single project in the world.. its a city within a city… ultra modern and high class infrastructure…amazing…once tall buildings will start to build on both sides of Jinnah avenue, it will look awesome…

  2. Ahsan Tariq says:

    Saara creaded janab Malik Riaz sahab ko jata he. Allah in ki Umar daraaz bil kher kare.

  3. Urban Mezkal says:

    It looks like Dwarka 'NCR' city which India built in early 90's. Good effort. Keep it up.

  4. Soul Speak says:

    Roads are definitely of good quality but the whole place looks barren like a ghost town. No buildings, no population..!!

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