Review and Demo of the NEW Batavia Maxxfire cordless tool to help quickly, safely, and without chemicals your BBQ – Check it out!
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  1. George Eberhardt says:

    Great idea!! Just the thing for a real BBQ at the beach. And spring is HERE.

  2. Louis Y says:

    Sorry. Dumbest product ever. Matches and lighters are fine. And no one I know bbq in snow. But thumbs up for review

  3. Mark Goodman says:

    Wow, what a cool tool and the demo with the hot dog was excellent, especially with Ring of fire in the background! A video of a video, that's kind of unique. Kite Army, you rule man!

  4. Greg Norton says:

    I had to click on this just to leave a comment. I've been around a loooong time, and I've never seen a CORDED lighter. To see a bbq lighter advertised as cordless, makes me not want to buy it.

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