Bear Bowl Folding Pots for Hiking, Camping & Survival

Living Survival:
Second Channel:

  1. Mixed Martial Anime says:

    is this FDA approved? feel like theres some sort of leeching from those walls of the pot

  2. Chad Morgan says:

    Pretty neat. I'm somewhat skeptical about it and would like to learn more about them. The link you listed is for a backpack on Amazon. Also where did you get that ball cap?

  3. Joseph Kasperek says:

    I really like them. I pack light and these are awesome thanks Ben

  4. DropForgedSurvival says:

    Those pots are Amazing. Ever since Testing them 4 months ago! They have been a main stay in our emergency kits ever since.

  5. Eric Ocasio says:

    I may have missed you saying, but are these good on open fire, or do you have to have a stove such as the one you were using?

  6. Tony Patey says:

    I can see it come in handy when you can only bring bare essentials. Very unique.

  7. Hard city Raindrops says:

    Haha i liked how you pushed the stuff out of the way lol….you should do more stuff like that.

  8. Scashod says:

    I have had the Baby Bear and Mama Bear for several months, after first seeing them on Drop Forged Survival. They work superbly!!

  9. Lellobeetle says:

    The Kelly Kettle is great in winter due to it's great speed in boiling water.

  10. Howy New says:

    Im wondering about the hygiene of these. How do these clean up. It's kind of a hard concept to accept, guess new ideas often are. Can the entire bowl be scrubbed with dish washing liquid? Does it retain previous flavour and odours in the walls?

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