Best Camera Bags For Small Cameras (2018)

Here are my favourite camera bags for small cameras like micro four thirds. Check out the newest M-Trekker bags from Lowepro, as well as the Cospyspeed Streetomatic Plus… which might just be the sexiest bag I’ve ever seen.

We also have the Tarion RB-02 backpack, as well as some of my old favourites. Spoiler: I’m a bit of a camera bag collector!


◀️ Cosyspeed Streetomatic Plus: 00:40
◀️ (New for 2018) Lowepro M-Trekker BP150: 3:40
◀️ Tarion RB-02 backpack: 5:20
◀️ Lowepro Phototraveller 150: 7:10
◀️ (New for 2018) Lowepro M-Trekker SH150: 9:19
◀️ Lowepro Pro Runner 300AW: 11:25

Here are some affiliate links to the products mentioned:

📷 Cosyspeed Streetomatic Plus:
📷 (New for 2018) Lowepro M-Trekker BP150:
📷 Tarion RB-02 backpack:
📷 Lowepro Phototraveller 150:
📷 (New for 2018) Lowepro M-Trekker SH150:
📷 Lowepro Pro Runner series:

What bag are you rocking right now?? let us know in the comments!

– Emily

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📷 Best Budget Friendly:
📸 She Who Must Not Be Named:
🚁 Drone:
🚁 The one drone I’m coveting:
💚 The best fisheye lens for M43:
📱 iPhone/GoPro Gimbal:
✔️ Zhiyun Crane Plus:
❤️ My “Do Everything” Lens:
★ My Fave Zoom Lens:
☀︎ Widddeeeeeeee Lens:
♣︎ Walk-about Prime Lens:
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⚄ Nifty Fifty: Lumix 25mm 1.4:

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  1. canturgan says:

    The best camera bag is the one that your assistant is carrying on your behalf.

  2. Micro Four Nerds says:

    So which camera bag do you like best?? And what are you using! 📸📸

  3. Thanks for your comparison.
    Also it's funny that you should put this video out today, as only just this morning i got myself a smallish shoulder bag and a mid sized back pack. Both from a company called Sandstrom.

  4. Joe Marano says:

    I wish people sent me camera bags lol! Hint hint I want one for wildlife 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Station says:

    Having more than one (maybe two) camera bags is a good way to lose things.
    Don't give in to the temptation! Forget Emily, it's too late for her.

  6. ToastandJam52 says:

    Are you telepathic?!?! After, what seemed like too long, my new G85 arrived (seems like these cameras are so popular they are selling like hotcakes.) Now that I have a shiny new camera I need a bag for it a some lenses, and batteries, and chargers, and a laptop, and… So, it was extremely timely that you should do a review of camera bags. Looks like it is the Lowe Pro Runner series is just the ticket. Just in case you happen to have something going spare… I would be so happy to help you out!!! 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the review and I still really love your upbeat approach to photography and vlogging!! Take care.

  7. Gary Pentecost says:

    Great video Emily ,I’ve got 2 ,a tarmac apache 4 shoulder bag which is made of sail cloth and a Tamrac jazz 85 backpack, sure that’s the name of the backpack I picked it up brand new on eBay for £40 as it was discontinued,if I’m wandering the streets I’ll take the apache 4 and the Jazz for cliff walking on a day trip ,I’ve also got a bag insert for holidaying which fits in my 30ltr Karimor daysack

  8. Ian Frazer says:

    I came for the camera bags,
    I stayed for the random bowling pin!
    Only on MFNs ❤️

  9. Rusty Zipper says:

    I want something to put my G85 attached to the Crane Plus in a Run and Gun setup

  10. John Rappold says:

    I use a tiny lowepro event messenger 100 for walk-around with my gx7 and 20mm pancake. Wish it was water resistant. Also use event messenger 250 with gh3 for some stuff.

  11. Garrett Murphy says:

    Lowepro Flipside 300 the most comfortable backpack I've ever owned.

  12. Christopher Wheeler says:

    First question: what is vegan leather? I thought people were vegans, not leather, and; aren't all cows essentially vegan by nature anyway? (disclaimer: I live in the Yukon, where a lot of people still hunt for their dinners, so I'm not terribly familiar with the concept). Second question: which bag is the most comfortable when fully loaded?

    I've owned quite a few camera bags myself, including, in no particular order, the Think Tank Retrospective, The Tamrac Velocity 5X, the original Tenba Messenger, Think Tank Speed Demon, and (among others over the years), a Samsonite leather shoulder bag that I converted to hold my kit. While some are made better than others, like the Think Tank Retrospective, I always wind up going back to my Tamrac Velocity 5X. It is an exceptional bag thanks to its dimensions, weight and overall design. I've used it so much that I have worn holes through the back. It is the ideal size for m43rds, or for a vintage film slr system. I've used it for both.

  13. Carl S. says:

    Ewww, I want that Cosyspeed!
    And I love that you cracked yourself up with "fancy man-bag."

  14. etmoem says:

    With the Lowepro Nova AW I had the same space problem as your M-trekker. So I bought a ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 20 that is shorter and longer, and as it's "designed for mirrorless stuff", it's more space efficient. I can bring an E-M1 + 12-40 and a 75-300 for instance. And I think it's sexier.
    For more stuff I have the Lowepro Fastpack DSLR Video 150 and 350 AW. I like them for the easy access from the side of the bags and discretion.
    And I have the Lowepro Passport that I don't like so much. It feels cheap and clumsy.

  15. Ozzy Paul says:

    I carry two systems in a Loewpro Pro Tactic 450, 3 A6000 bodies with 4 prime lenses, my G7 with a prime, a Hero5 Black on a gimbal, a Manfrotto tripod, and 2 Rode mics.

  16. Neil Farrimond says:

    Great reviews – many thanks for sharing. The bag I currently use is the Lowepro ProTactic Camera Bag, 450. It's a good size and like the one you have, can carry everything!

  17. John McLaughlin says:

    I've never heard of Tarion before this review but it looks cool! Love the amount of stuff you can fit into it 👍🏻

  18. David Barber says:

    My wife complains I have more bags than her! I know the guys behind TARION and they're committed to being the best bang for buck, and now do own design. I use their new RS-01 camera bag regularly, as well as the M-02 canvas bag. I also like the LowePro sling V3 for urban carry, but find it only useful for a body and one lens with even my M4/3 gear. My trusty full-kit backpack is getting old, so I'll try and look at the new TARION PB-01, which looks like a beast! I also have an old Jessops backpack that looks so basic that it should get stealth rating of 10! I use it in potential dodgy areas as it looks like a student's worn backpack! I won't bore you, but in total I have 7 bags I still use.

  19. TARION says:

    We will try to make our bags more sexy next time, and still keep the ridiculous. Thanks for the review!

  20. Bangali Creative says:

    Hi all, I'm looking for a backpack that would carry my camera and drone gear with space for a couple sets of clothes that I could carry on to a plane.. Does that exist or am I chasing unicorns?! Any help would be appreciated, I've looked high and low! My gear is: 1 GH5, 1 G7, 3-4 lenses, 1 mavic pro + 3 batteries, 1 zhiyun smooth q, 1 travel tripod, and I think the cabin size is 55x40x20 ish? Thanks again!

  21. Munky332 says:

    Personally opinion but I think "camera bags" are kind of a dumb thing. Just buy a generic bag that suits the style you need. personally I already carry a messenger type bag for my daily stuff, however its a "tactical" bag. plenty of room and cheap as dirt, yet tough.

    question for you; I'm just getting into photography (as a hobby), I"m torn between getting an E-M5 II or a Pen-F. which would you recommend over the other?

    also, what would you recommend for a good yet budget point and shoot as a backup, one that doesn't break the bank (say a 300 USD approximate limit) — with older used/refurb gear is an option?

  22. Chip Arcerio says:

    Just got a new small bag I like for just wanting something small n light is: National Geographic NG MC 2250 Medium Holster for DSLR (Multi Color) I love blue n bags lololol another very small green canon bag I have n like but it’s a little too girly 😀 cause it kinda looks like a purse is this: CANON D-SLR RF Mirrorless Pocket Shoulder Bag Case 6520 Khaki for Lens EOS M M2 M3 100D 400D 450D 500D 550D 600D 650D 700D 750D Both cost me 43 usd each…i use the blue with my silver Sony a6300 and green with my white canon m50…I now have over a dozen camera bags lololol…I literally have too many cams too :))) Nikon d5600, D750 & d850 then Sony a6000(I’m selling soon), a6300, FDR-AX700(camcorder), FDR-X3000(action cam) & the A9 then Panasonic G9 and Canon m50…I know I’m insane but since my accident being stuck in my wheelchair I get bored and can’t stop myself from shopping lololol hopefully once I’m done with an online photography class from NYIP(New York Institute of Photography) I’ll be a lot better using all of them lololol (my 2 favorite are the Sony A9 and Panasonic G9) the D850 didn’t make the cut cause I hate tripods cause I have trouble with my wheelchair so I get less sharp images with no ibis 🙁 sorry for ranting n rambling lololol

  23. Teguvas says:

    Camera bag is a coat pocket now I bought a Pen-f, the bags for my canon are too many to mention, and they all sit at home as I can't be arsed to lug all that stuff around anymore.

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