Best Outdoors Adventures 2018 (Tagged By Reallybigmonkey1)

– Some Of My Most Memorable Outdoors Adventures. Tagged By Reallybigmonkey1.
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  1. Ken Laraway says:

    Lars I would have liked to have been there to share a drink with you.. I find great wealth in your video's, and want to thank you for the work you put into producing a quality product. I know that you could be spending that time with Mrs. Survival Russia and the little ones, but instead your spending time with your fans. A while back you had mentioned something about Mrs. Survival Russia doing something with cooking skills/ food storage/ homestead foods ect … Is that still being planned? Thanks and be safe.

  2. Kickboxer says:

    "This is the end Lars". Lol.
    But on the serious note I'm glad you survived this freaking mortar attack and the mountain tumble. You're the man. Take care!

  3. hornsby 55 says:

    A little tip from me: Wind noise you can reduce with
    a small pot sponge. Easy with a rubber band to fix
    near the microphone holes.
    Greetings from northern Germany

  4. Fred Thorne says:

    Good stories. Far better than I've ever had. Dave Pearson is the "Mad Scientist" of the outdoors. I really like his creative ideas. Like you, he takes the BS out of his Woodsmanship skills.

  5. Nomadic Oasis says:

    Sub Bell , Sub Like , some mortars , wait a minute … it's not nice to share Mortars .

  6. Bj Buckley says:

    So funny when you swore and bleeped it out awesome video mate 👍

  7. Mark Sandoval says:

    Great video and awesome adventures. I'm sure i speak for some of your followers as well as myself obviously when i say this, but it would be awesome for you to do a series of videos just taking about experiences from your military days. Thank you

  8. David Sutton says:

    Why don't Russians hunt with bow and arrow? Please ask Vyatka hunter for his input too. It's just so popular to hunt with bows and cross bows here. I can't figure out why you don't.

  9. Bulgarian Organic Smallholding says:

    Blue on Blue, what was going on as if this was a live firing exercise, you guys should be NOWHERE near it! How much do you need to complete your Briggs & Stratton project? BTW, what were you drinking? I used to drink Baltica No. 9 (9%) alcohol during my Russian adventure days and could sink 6 cans, but today, one can would be enough to put me into happy sleep mode. LOL.

  10. Michael Ryan says:

    Lars, thanks for sharing your past adventures , always appreciated !

  11. tuf fer says:

    great stories Lars. i think we would all like more, when you feel inclined to share!

  12. The Derpmeister says:

    This channel is simply awsome. Not just a little awsome, but AWSOME AWSOME!! Keep up the good work Lars!

  13. Bert van Eck says:

    I'm amazed with all these flying "ufo's" around you. In the Netherlands we have the opposite problem. Can you explain what kind of insects is flying around and how you and your family deal wilh it.
    I'm a fan of your video's!!

  14. Jakob Sødal says:

    Really enjoyed the story time, it would be awesome if you do it again!

  15. Jakob Sødal says:

    We also have a briggs and stratton lawnmower that is quite old, i think almost 20 years. This year it did not start, and after struggling a bit, my dad gave up on it. I thought i should "get out there, And get it done" so i did. After cleaning the carburetor and replacing the sparkplug with an old plug from our vw, it ran better than it has done in years. You, Varg and most of all my two grandpas have been a great inspiration for me to learn some basic mechanics. Looking forward to seeing the bulldozer in action.

  16. Reallybigmonkey1 says:

    Wow! Lars I think yours stories beat mine! Iv I've never been around any mortars. Thanks for doing the tag brother!

  17. Patmos Planet says:

    Hey, Lars, Enjoyed the stories. As an old USMC Vietnam era vet, I would like to know where you were under mortar fire. Thanks

  18. WayPoint Survival says:

    Great stories! I really enjoy listening to you speak about your adventures. Of course, an adventure is what the other guy had, he thought he was going to die…!

  19. Caris Haring says:

    Good to see you looking well. I love your style my friend. 🌲🧚‍♂️🐾🐾🎶🌼.

  20. Keith Oszman Jr says:

    I love story time with Lars! You should make it a regular thing.

  21. victor castle says:

    Thanks for the stories Lars.
    Unless one has experienced one or a bombing attack, I don't think they can really comprehend it. Especially with all the unreal ones they have seen on TV and movies.
    How many casualties did you have , in the mortar attack ?


    Good stuff brother little slip there $#@k get down lol .👍👍🤣

  23. Morten says:

    Der var vist dømt pandekage pandekage.. og et par nye boksershorts bagefter.. 😉

  24. STEVE MUELLER says:

    I was glad Dave tagged you and you did this video.  You and he are 2 of my top channels, you both are very charismatic.  Great video

  25. welurkintheforests theforests says:

    I went and got myself a glass of milk. Your stories were awesome Lars!!
    I think we need more "story time with Lars" type videos 🙂
    You should tag Varg; I bet he has had some interesting outdoor adventures! 😉

  26. Rick Sommer says:

    Hi Lars , i love your vids and i have many ideas learn from your vids. thank YOU for this many lessions your teach to me. Rick

  27. Zotti Survival says:

    Hey Lars
    Could you imagine a Format like this
    Maybe storytime with Lars

  28. miffoivan says:

    You should have come to Northen instead of Southen Sweden when you where young, the nature here is more like the nature you live in now. With lots of snow and mountains. 😉 Its an awesome place! Sadly here in Sweden its illegal to live up in the mountains here. 🙁 (if you are not considered by the state a "sapmi native citizen" 🙁

  29. Julian 3 says:

    LOVE your stories – if you EVER write a book, I will line up to buy it!!! YOU are awesome, sir!

  30. Julian 3 says:

    and you are one of the only men I know of who would describe being under mortar attack as 'pretty interesting'….. to me that is like hearing enemy rounds going zip, crack and zzzzz as they pass your head and saying, Hmmm… that was interesting!!!

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