Best Waterfall Hike In Oregon | Abiqua Falls

Best Waterfall Hike In Oregon | Abiqua Falls & Butte Creek Falls-
On December 23, 2017 I took my brother and sister out to discover Abiqua Falls and neighboring Butte Creek Falls. Both are very short yet majestic hikes and we enjoyed the excursion a lot!

Song: YLY – Free Me [NCT Release]
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Filmed with a Sony HDR-CX405

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  1. Oregon Family Adventures says:

    Wow, those falls are amazing! This video has inspired me to go find some falls here in southern Oregon. That question of the day was hilarious. 😂

  2. Michael Farmer says:

    What a fun day! water falls are awesome love the sound of water think I will try check these out on my way to Portland this summer thanks! Y'all have great personalitys I'm sure your parents are very proud!

  3. Mark Jacobs says:

    Tip. Try a Black Rapid strap or Amazon = for your DSLR. You'll thank me.

  4. Haleigh Collins says:

    I am just curious. For such short hikes, why did you still carry a large pack? Is it just out of preference to bring your normal day hike pack? Or just to carry camera equipment?

  5. Hiking with One-Two says:

    I always look forward to watching your videos. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. Dave Elias says:

    Nice Vid thanks for Sharing. You have helped to Inspire me to Hike the JMT in Sept/Oct 2018

  7. Boodieman72 says:

    Looks like the perfect place for cooling off on a hot summer days or after a hike.

  8. Marvin Williford says:

    Well, I had to research to find out where this is. I was guessing somewhere in the Coast Range and I guess I am not too far off. Nice video, very cool music on this one. Lovely waterfalls! But why does Bro have no pack? Did he con Sis into carrying all his gear? What's up with that?

  9. PNW Adventures And gear reviews says:

    Abiqua falls is very pretty short hike but amazing area! It is actually the picture for my channel thumbnail. Better done in the summer easier to access and great place for a picnic and water play. Glad to see you getting out with your family such a great bonding experience!

  10. Jöran Jäderberg says:

    That was a really nice hike and awesome enviorement and it is beautiful there 🙂

  11. Chiller Kalle says:

    Awesome Hike!
    Those waterfalls are amazing!
    Hi to your brother!
    I had a good laugh because of your sister at the end of this episode!
    Also your cringe at the end of her riddle….."Schadenfreude" pur….LOL
    Keep on keeping on guys and all the best from Berlin/Germany. 🙂

  12. Danielle Anderson says:

    Gorgeous greens, I'll definitely add these 2 hikes to my list for my visit to Oregon later this year! Thanks for sharing 😍

  13. Lost Hike says:

    Those waterfalls are neat. That's a easy trail even for kids like I saw. Cool. I'm so jealous because here in Belgium we don't have waterfalls like that or the place is private and we have to pay to see the place.

  14. Courts Griner says:

    Really loving all your videos!! I am sooo hoping to get up there to Oregon for some photo adventures..and all your spots really inspire me on where to go! THIS SPOT is defininently noted!

  15. Jim wisconsin says:

    Falls were frickin amazing! second falls trip was so amazing! The 3 sticks " holding up the cave ceiling" were hilarious Its so nice you hike with the fam. the footage of the "taking pics segment " at the first fall was funny

  16. RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

    Very beautiful waterfalls… Thanks for sharing… Oregon is beautiful, it's an outdoorsman paradise. Take care.

  17. Vandy’s Call to Adventure says:

    Great work and awesome location! I’m hoping to head to your beautiful state soon for my channel after see y’all’s and Matt.Cook.Oregon’s videos!

  18. GypsyDog says:

    Just did Butte Creek Falls on 4/14/18. Therefore, the posting of this video was perfect timing.  Abiqua Falls will have to wait a little longer though.

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