BIKE PROPHETSTOWN | Indiana State Park

Learning the history and experiencing the wildlife of Prophetstown State Park while riding the bike trails. Includes a spiny softshell turtle that I didn’t even know we had this far north in Indiana!

Prophetstown S.P.:

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  1. Tim Watson says:

    Looks like a cool park. I like the mtb. Have we been introduced? 🤔 I've been considering getting into some bikepacking.

  2. A Jolly Hiker says:

    Nice. Professional style narration. And it has been awhile since I've seen either snapping turtles or dragonflies in my local area, so good to see them on video.

  3. T Throg says:

    Cool perspective with the bike tire leading the way. Definitely interested in the Native American history and glad to see that in the park. Really like that the campsite used markers with big big stone and will withstand the wearing of nature and of course people. Better than wood and looks a little more natural. Of course love all the wildlife & flowers. Especially the snapping turtle. Brought back memories fishing my grandmother's pond. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hiking With Shawn says:

    Well I guess I need to bring my MTB over that way as well! Great video, as always!

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