Blue Bay Shepherd & GSD hike April Snowstorm (2/4)

Footage from my 14Apr18 hike through the Mississippi River valley during a spring snowstorm. With me are my Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan and German Lobo. (Part 2 of 4)

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  1. Odin the German Shepherd says:

    That is a winter wonderland!! In spring!! Beautiful area!!

  2. Odin the German Shepherd says:

    Do you ever see other folks or dogs there when it’s super snowy!! If I lived close you’d be running into Me and Odin out there all the time!! LOLOL

  3. 2115virgo13 says:

    Getting ready to relax for evening. Perfect video to relax too. So beautiful! That lake looked cold.

  4. Janet Doten says:

    Beautiful scenery, as always love your videos! Brrr! Watching this under my covers and remembering how it was to walk in this weather back in Indiana. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Leon Taylor says:

    I've always noticed on kurgan collar, what I believe to be an identity card? I'm interested to know is that a requirement of your state? Or something you have done yourself? Another great video, your pack are certainly loving and living a great life.

  6. David Straub says:

    When I lived in places that had 200-300+ inches of snow every year, you either picked a few winter activities or you will go stir crazy. I never had snowmobiles, but always had jeeps that I could go on long drives along 2 tracks until the snow got too deep. I much preferred to snowshoe or crosscountry ski on the trails, and into areas that would normally be swampy and full of mosquitoes and blackflies, not to mention boatloads of ticks. Winter is what you make it, and I've spent many days in treestands from before light until sundown …… I would not trade it for anything, and I'm glad I did it while I still could. It's a wonderful thing to watch the woods wake up, and again when the night critters start to come out to play. Yes my friend, why walk in the woods if you are going to have tunnel vision. My head was always on a swivel ~8^) because many things are fleeting, and that may have been your only chance to catch it. Take care.

  7. forrestang says:

    Have you ever witnessed your dogs shivering at any point?

    I have an eskimo who routinely goes in the lake, when it is -5 degees out(lake michigan before it freezes completely), rolls around in the snow, and I've never seen her shiver and act cold.

  8. Trucker Dayz68 says:

    Dogs are having a blast as always. 25 degrees is warm for a Viking I guess. I remember when my GSD would never go inside his dog house. He laid next to it despite the sub zero temperature. I think they are hot most of the time. He did however store his food bowl in side the house. 😂 always watch your six👍 that's for the general public. You already know that. Great video!!!

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