Blue Bay Shepherd & GSD Hike April Snowstorm (3/4)

Footage from my 14Apr18 hike through the Mississippi River valley during a spring snowstorm. With me are my Blue Bay Shepherd Kurgan and German Lobo. (Part 3 of 4)

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  1. Morpheus Triple Necks says:

    Bro how long does yall winter last? While we are in spring, your still living the christmas season lol

  2. Leo& Taro says:

    They’re amazing in every video. They really enjoy hiking with you in the snow.

  3. Наталка says:

    How is everyone getting more snow than a city called Winterpeg. Please, share Q_Q I love snowy walks. I love when you hug your doggies and look at the camera :3 nice shots and memories <3

  4. Marlene Platcek says:

    Really like how the snow lay on the trees, thankyou for sharing the video

  5. SleepyINK says:

    How are you lasting in that cold cold weather? I mean it’s beautiful but cooold!..❤️

  6. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs says:

    They really are beautiful looking dogs and so well raised. Thanks Chadde 🙂

  7. Gregor Miller says:

    Snow in April, its a blessing..April is a special month for me. And because you are, who you are….a song for you from Trace Adkins, yeah I know country is funky. God bless the men and women of the Armed Forces, it can't be said enough. link below, hope you like:)

  8. Leon Taylor says:

    Those camera transitions when you was crouching with Lobo and kurgan, got me DAMN he is good lol.

  9. Don Blake says:

    Such beautiful Dogs! Great video! What a beautiful place! What do you do if you encounter a Bear or other wild Animal?

  10. Ghetto Cowboy says:

    That was my dirty 30 birthday spent it in the cold breezy wind fishing for crappie caught one but was a good bday awesome vidja look forward to more

  11. blue puppy says:

    😄 Beautiful forest you have enhanced by happy dogs gallivanting around

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