BRS Lightweight Backpacking Stove – Compact & UltraLight!

An in-depth review of the BRS 3000t lightweight backpacking stove. This awesome lil’ stove is not only ultra lightweight, incredibly compact, very durable, but surprisingly affordable as well. In fact, the BRS just may be the lightest, smallest, and among the best backpacking stove on the market today. All-in-all, an excellent piece of backpacking gear for your next outdoor adventure!
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  1. Jacob Poucher says:

    you have been doing a good job of hiding your super long pinkey nail on your right hand, but i caught a glimpse of it at 4:46 🙂

  2. Terry W. Milburn says:

    Hay, John; Great lil stove for the price & I'v been using mine about a year now with no issues Just a different brand & was had for $7:99        Hay Kado !      ATB Ter  God Bless

  3. Brian Spencer says:

    Just so. The reason why I got a similar stove & cut way back on fire preparation. Thanks Brian 77

  4. David Mackenzie says:

    Sweet little piece of gear! And the price is right too. somewhere in my gear "Closet" I have a similar name brand stove I forget which one. They work very nice. I do like an alcohol stove but I'm not sure with fuel or canister what the weight difference might be. I've got a Jetboil too but I wont use it on a backpack trip due to weight and size. But it works nice for a day hike.
    Peace Brother!

  5. Jennifer D. says:

    One of the things that makes me nervous about gas stoves is the recycle-ability of the gas cans. Any thoughts on that? My wife got me an alcohol stove for my birthday and I'm looking forward to using it this spring as alcohol is relatively eco-friendly and decently light weight.

  6. inspireAson says:

    If you spill sweet and sour sauce on that jimping then would it also be full tang? Nice review buddy, and looks like a good stove.

  7. thelaststraw says:

    I've owned one of these for over a year. I don't think it could be made smaller/lighter/better  w/o upping the price. Two thumbs up from me…My price was $14, a bargain for titanium.

  8. S. Sagen says:

    I'm surprised you support the theft of intellectual property by this chinese company. An American company, MSR, designed, refined, developed, and marketed the Pocket Rocket. The Pocket Rocket is built in Korea, but at least some of the money comes back to the people who earned it. We shouldn't knowingly buy stolen property.

  9. Wanderer of the Desert says:

    Hey John awesome video good to see you back. I have had it about a year great little stove works well.

  10. 0BAAC0 says:

    Love these stoves as well. Two suggestions: First, pack it in something (pot, etc.) in your pack, because they are delicate. Second, bury the gas canister if you can. It will give the stove more stability. It can get top-heavy with a pot of water on it.

  11. KrizAkoni says:

    I really like this stove and use it as the center of my lightweight butane kit. I like it a bunch! My ultralight kit is alcohol based around a Zelph Starlyte. Found you from over at Yankees Outdoor Adventures – subscribed! 🙂

  12. Papa Bruce Hiking says:

    Thanks for the interestingly review. I'm an old guy who still loves backpacking and is serious about both pack weight and equipment cost. After this video I ordered and used on my last two trips and love it.
    Actually I have been a subscriber for over a year and want to thank you for the helpful DIY ideas

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