Bye Bye Keto – Hello Bangkok

Hey everyone!
I’m heading to Bangkok on Tuesday for a short vacation and I shall be going off Keto for that duration since I travel only for food.

Last vacation (my honeymoon) I had posted non Keto food photos on Headbanger’s Kitchen Instagram account. I feel I shouldn’t mix Keto and non Keto so Deepti has started a Food Travel instagram account called @thebitefantastic – So if you’d like to follow us around in Bangkok then follow

In other news I managed to get 800 hours of watch time thanks to you wonderful folks. You can still continue to watch the playlists here

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More details about my band’s UK tour in May soon as well.

Thanks for all the love and support! See you soon!!


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  1. RainWanders says:

    It's hilarious because I lived in Thailand for two years (Bangkok,) and I loathed the food. I basically survived on the Indian restaurant food, ramen noodles, potato chips, and chocolate while there. I gained tons of weight there which is why I'm doing Keto now. lol Thai food is super rubbery… eeww. haha
    I hope you enjoy it though!

  2. Jafar Calley says:

    I know how hard it is to be Keto when travelling. When I can, I try to get put in a serviced apartment when I travel for work so I can cook for myself. Don't worry. You can be back in ketosis really quickly after you get back. The bloating is the worst 😉

  3. Linda Rosenblatt says:

    Have a wonderful eating experience! You look much thinner than last month! Wow

  4. Marian Murphy says:

    I like to have a little chocolate with my coffee ehen I'm out. When I ma ke it with coconut oil it liquefies. What can I use instead

  5. clairseach42 says:

    Bangkok rocks and so does its food. Make sure you go to Mo & Moshi and have some ice cream. If you want the Monster Sundae though, take a dozen friends with you. The best food I've had in Bangkok, though, were nameless little food stalls along the side of the street. If you want to learn how to make Thai food – and then you can make it keto – check out Silom Thai Cooking School Great school and they teach you how to make a lot of different things.

  6. I thought you don't like Spicy food? Thai food is right up there amongst the spiciest in the world. If its not spicy its not real Thai food

  7. Sarah Sunday says:

    Thank you for all the recipes. I have try them and they do taste delicious. Thanks!

  8. Cindy Russi says:

    Yay! Have fun! 😃✨

    I agree, traveling is not fun if you don’t eat what the place you’re traveling to has to offer!

  9. Deepti Thomas says:

    Have a super fun holiday you guys!!! Will share the link with Friends for the view time! Cheers and get well soon 😀

  10. Destined4Greatness says:

    I am new to your channel! I love it! Thank you for sharing with us all these amazing recipes!
    Have safe and fun travels!

  11. Why the devil's horns? I really don't want to get a curse when I watch your videos. Please stop it.

  12. Tim Kline says:

    I'm just like you. I love metal m/, and also when I go away I want to eat all the awesome food other places have to offer, so I skip my diet and just hop back on the wagon when I get home. I think it's totally fine to enjoy you favorite foods a couple of weeks out of the year, nothing wrong with that at all.

  13. Keto Christina says:

    Enjoy your holiday Sahil and hope you feel better soon. I hear you on the food – we travel to eat too lol

  14. Ok. You scared me there. Hell yea bro! take a vacation. We train and condition ourselves for the big days and events in our lives–be them work or play. Denying ourselves this is the first step in loosing our long term discipline. Have fun!

  15. Irrelevant Underdog says:

    I looooove your straight forwardness and how you are not one of those keto extremists fanatics!! I do follow a keto diet but occasionally I have bread.. anyways I have watched and am still learning how to make keto recipes from your channel!! Love them!! ❤️

  16. Sounds like a great time! Would be curious how long it takes for you to get back into Ketosis when you dive back into it.

  17. Shantanu Sharma says:

    Have a lovely holiday Sahil. Hope your throat recovers before you leave. Look forward to your return.

  18. AlteroFit says:

    Bangkok food is awesome! Please do yourself a favor and enjoy it at its full! I'd like to recommend to try famous cinnabons at Siam Paragon. And I hope you will eat many traditional Thai foods like kao man gai and kao kaa moo (my fav). Actually these both dishes you can order without rice to make it keto friendly but with rice it goes much better. If you want to try different kind of Thai food at one place and save some money on it please go to food court at Terminal 21 (5th floor). They keep prices low as at any normal local Thai eatery on the street. The best time to come is not too late. And once again – enjoy! Going to follow your new IG.

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