Calorie Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Recovery Cardio Workout with No Jumping

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  1. Barbara Shyama Lee Chong says:

    I'm 52 and was in the gym for past 4 yrs but last 6 months.. All the spin and weight etc.. I cannot lose a pound and with menopause I actually put on a few pounds.. I did this for the last week.. I feel so good after just doing one session of this… I'm hoping if I can do this together with a arm circuit daily I can kick start my fitness again…

  2. yes i'm hangry says:

    I did this work out 2 times without stopping and I feel satisfied lol

  3. Phillip Amura says:

    Doing this workout again after all these years (for nostalgia/fitness journey-anniversary) brought a little bit of man-tears outta my eyes. In 2014, I was slightly overweight, depressed & broke, then decided to I pick myself up and turn my life around. This is first workout I did and it was quite challenging for me back then. Today, I have a gym membership, lift heavy weights, doing LesMills classes, running half-marathons, still working out to FitnessBlender videos (mostly core exercises and HIIT). It amazes me how I progressed over the years. I'm only 6-8 pounds lighter then when I first started but my pants size is now 8 size smaller!

  4. L. S. says:

    Just did this in the backyard while my daughters played. Used the active rest times to get my one year old everytime she would get into something she wasn't supposed to (like trash etc) lol chasing toddlers during active rest is just as good as marching or jogging in place i hope lol

  5. kayreen85 says:

    I’m used to intense cardio workout but with a bigger chest I hate them because almost always they have jumps that isnt chest friendly. I usually give up halfway because they hurt. So im really glad i found this workout. I can still continue my weight loss effort and not totally hate exercise 😝😝

  6. Sydni Hersch says:

    Starting my 100 lb weight loss journey as of yesterday. I am going to try these at home exercises until I feel comfortable in the gym. Didn't realize how sweaty these simple exercises would make me but I am ready for a shower! Thank you for posting these videos for beginners like me

  7. Stephen TagubA says:

    After 3 months of zero workout, this is a perfect vid for my fitness recovery..hopefully, I can catchup doing level 4 and 5 again soon. Thanks Kelli and Daniel!

  8. mCcann2012 says:

    This is PERFECT for when you are sick. I usually do something more intermediate, but I got that weird May flu that seems to be going around this year. If you are someone who needs movement when you get the gunk, do this.

  9. Cruzz Fern says:

    Current weight 200 lbs
    Im going to try this for a whole month
    Hopefully I go down 10 lbs I will keep it updated by June 14 already finish my 30 min workout .

  10. docette2015 says:

    Nice one! I like the variety of exercises you get — even if it's hard for me to keep in rhythm sometimes. :p

  11. GiggaTeck009 says:

    day 5. I can get through the full video without having to stop.

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