Car Camping Tent Setup and Camper Van Tour

Car Camping Tent Setup. Last year I showed you our DIY Camper Van setup. This year we added an SUV Car Tent, that we purchased with money we received as a Christmas gift from a relative! Watch me unbox it and set it up for the first time. Camping is a budget friendly family activity that we’ve just started getting in to. I’d love your suggestions or recommendations for camping gear for next year. HUGS!

Napier Sportz Tent

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  1. smoovmomma says:

    What a great idea! Do you have a link to or name of the tent you purchased?

  2. Wendy Valencia says:

    So fun!!!! What a great idea!!! Where did you find the tent???

  3. V Verde says:

    You look so happy and uplifted! Vacations really do wonders, especially being in nature!

  4. SheenaCarver says:

    Love it! Camping can be a great, inexpensive way to enjoy time with loved ones.

  5. Steven Nichols says:

    Why not just sleep in a tent, do you run your van for the air conditioning, does the hatch being open not run battery down?

  6. Susan Lore says:

    Peppa Pig & her family rented a camper van. The van floated in water & talked. The van turned into a boat; like Grandpa Pigs tugboat & they sailed home. I guess I am telling this for a bedtime story. Roast marshmallows, enjoy the stars & have family fun…

  7. MamaKatTV says:

    I love this! We just got back from our camping weekend and it was miserably windy at night. We worried the entire tent was going to blow away. It sure would have been nice to have been hooked up to our van!!

  8. A Functional Mess says:

    Love it! Camping is a way of life in Wisconsin but I have never seen a tent that attached to a vehicle like that. I use to take the girls tent camping when they were younger. I hope to get back into it.

  9. Samantha Edwards says:

    This is great! Thank you for the idea and thanks for sharing!! We already have air mattresses so I think if we purchased the tent we would be in good shape! Looks like a perfect family getaway!

  10. Sabrina G says:

    Love camping. We took a our daughter the first time at 4months old. I don't think I would like the tent attached to the van great idea though. I would worry about the van battery and wind blowing it closed on my head. Especially if heavy rains come. The cots seem to be a good option instead of air mattresses in the tent. Air mattress always seem to end up with a leak.

  11. OurFamilyBalancingAct says:

    Yes, so cool! Also, have never seen one of these. Ditto others that you look so good too! Working on my husband too. Trying to get him to agree to those Tree House Camps near Frederick. I feel like that would be a good happy medium for everyone.

  12. AmbersFamilyof4 says:

    We tent camp at least once every year. The adults only go the day after Thanksgiving regardless of how cold it is. And then we take the kids in the Fall or Spring. It's way too hot here in Mississippi to tent camp in the summer.

  13. Ellery J Queen says:

    Great suv tent, I have the exact same one, my recommendation is definitely use a carpet in the tent or holes will soon appear, I hope you have great times with your family, I think this is a healthy family binding type of holiday…… All the best

  14. beritandjule says:

    Rickets Glen. I live near there, awesome place! Try boulder field in white haven. And the white haven diner is famous for its giant burgers. The kids would love em.

  15. Patricia Borst says:

    Loved hearing about your camping experience and seeing the kids. They made me smile! One comment about camping. You can't do it wrong. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves.

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