Cats Meeting Owners After Long Time [Funny Pets]

Yeah well… They try at least. 😂
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Funny Pets prepared for you a video of Cats meeting owners, check it out!

So there you have it! Cats meeting owners. Yeah well… They try it quiet hard at least. 😂

Yan Tombovski
Cat meets the owner

Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome)

Сергей Костин
Кот умывает хозяина Cat washes his master

Ксения Калинина
Кот лижет хозяина

Кошка Маруся целует меня. Она ищет дом

Влад Буфер
Кошка любит обниматься с хозяином

Shmegan Funny TimeShmegan Funny Time
Кот обнимает хозяина

Кошка встречает хозяина после длительной разлуки. 30 минут

Лучше Приколы
кошка встречает хозяина, улётное видео

артем лукин
кот встречает хозяина с работы

наталья сатушева
кот смешно встречает хозяина

Кот любит когда его гладят

SuperSuper HumorNow
КОТ ЛЮБИТ ОБНИМАТЬСЯ! Так трогательно, кот молодец, хочу такого

Demtchenko Katia
Кися Изис встречает хозяина

er9p fan
кот встречает меня…

Favorite Video
котик встречает хозяина с работы

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Cats meeting owners:

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  1. Eyadisho Kahawaki says:

    Sadly my cat died a week ago
    I cannot tell the amount of pain I felt that day, especially that she died while I was away 💔

  2. keerson dirks says:

    I leftto my dads because my mom was going to Mexico and when i got back to my moms house my cat jumped up on me and huged me i love my cats

  3. TheFangirlMusician 0990 says:

    My grandma had this really sweet Burmese cat who loved younger kids. I was laying down on the extra bed to sleep. The cat jumped up into the bed with me and curled up right next to my arm. I placed my hand on her back and she put her paw on my shoulder. We cuddled close that night, keeping each other warm. She stayed there the whole night and licked my face when I woke up. RIP SinKay. Your 19-year life with my family was the greatest.

  4. Natsu Dragneel says:

    This show that ur pet is more loving and loyal to u more than ur anyone.😍😍😚😚

  5. Tayyaba Rajgarah says:

    Today my cat that gave birth to kittens that I raised recognized me and came running to me.

    The kitten she gave birth to is now a mom and just gave birth to her newborn kittens. It’s a cycle. <3

    Proud grandma

  6. Indogene Doctor says:

    All the dislikes has gotta be those people who think that was staged.

  7. Destati says:

    The third one is how my cat reacts to me coming home from work every night. 😂❤

  8. Syeda Umm-e-farwa says:

    When I watch this I cry because my cat was die 😥😥😥😥😥😔😔😔

  9. PurestMeloOG says:

    this was once happen to me…

    i live in indonesia but then one time me and my family go to vacation…. we go to malaysia saudi arabia then singapore for a very long time…..

    when im back home and fell asleep in my bed because im tired leo(my cat name) sleep in my on my stomach….

    when i wake up he alredy woken up and is laying beside me waiting me to wake up……

    Its really the best moment i have..

  10. Peps Haven says:

    I adore the first clip whenever I see it. The instant meowing as soon as it hears the door. The way it has so much to say. The delicate paws down the steps. It's just perfect!

  11. Sapphire Belli says:

    I was gone for like, two, three years? My cat Cuddles chased me everywhere. I couldn't escape. xD

  12. Chloe Richardson says:

    Ok I didn't know cats hugged or leaped into owners arms and I've had 2…wow

  13. TheGodEmperorofMankind says:

    I wish my cat loved hugs and attention. The only time he even likes me is when I feed him.

  14. Castala says:

    Translation in Hooman?: "Where the heck did you go ?! Don't leave me again! I thought you died! pet me , and feed me hooman slave."


    cats are assholes… i mean their love is fake and they only carry about food … DOGS THEY ARE LOYAL AND REALY LOVES THEIR OWNER 🙂

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