Cauliflower Low Carb Potato Salad Uncut Recipe Preview

Cauliflower Low Carb Potato Salad Uncut Recipe Preview
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We made this channel on a quest to create living a healthier lifestyle, having fun in the kitchen with new flavors, learning more about yoga and becoming a better you! I love you Sparkling Rubies!

  1. Atlanta Light says:

    I am so addicted to her videos … I literally have to watch every video she makes lol

  2. Mario Rodriguez says:

    Damn I want you be in my house make me food 😘😘😘😍😍 u need my 🍆🍆🍆

  3. Raul Gonzales says:

    O.M.G me and my puppy Rocky love your show, you and your animal are awesome., love Raul&Rocky.

  4. John King says:

    So Yummy…
    Oh, right, the salad looks good also.

  5. emiliano Hernández says:

    Perdón rubí pero tu cuerpecito está dibinisimo eres especial mamy eres mi bb hermosa 😘😘😘😘😘😘💮💞🌹💝💐🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  6. John Shakeshaft says:

    Ruby meow Kitty Kat,, I must say as far as breasts go yours are truly magnificent, a thing to beHold🤤😝

  7. God Bless America says:

    That’s s mighty tasty looking dish. I bet the potato salad Is good too. You are gorgeous darling. 😉

  8. E Nel says:

    I think you found a really good way to reach a male audience. I have never found potato salad so… enticing?

  9. I clicked this because I thought it was Bryce Dallas Howard, naked in an apron. I"m not disappointed, just wanted to comment.

  10. Angel Gomez says:

    No entiendo un sorongo, pero miro todos tus vídeos … gracias por existir arte culinario

  11. Angel Miller says:

    hello beautiful you see that you cook rich 😍😍😘😘You fell in love baby ❤❤😍

  12. Norm Estits says:

    I'm looking for potato salad recipes and I find a great pair of tits instead. Cauliflower don't make potato salad it makes cauliflower salad.

  13. Grandy Talanila says:

    Instantly subscribed. Never thought I'd like someone cooking before.

  14. Big Baller Brown says:

    Ruby Day Do you wear the apron when your not making these videos for YouTube?

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