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A TPMS, or Tire Pressure Management System, allows you to manage tire pressure and temperature on the go, from inside the cabin. This has long been a feature we wanted to add to the van, but it wasn’t until we heard about this little solar powered TPMS going for around 50 bucks on Amazon that we decided to get one.

This is a really neat unit. It’s display is charged from solar and the sensors themselves use little batteries, so the whole thing is wireless.

Installation is also super easy and the whole thing comes together in minutes. So well worth checking it out.

Here is the link for the one we got:

And here is the link for the Hilux Expedition Channel, where we got the tip from:

I hope you find this review useful!

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    Aí simmmmmm !!!!! Adoro a forma que vocês demonstram os equipamentos!!!! E as edições!!!! Parabenssssss!!!! Vc vai curtir ! Eh muito legal ver o quanto varia a pressão em função da temperatura … e o comportamento da temperatura na cidade e na estrada ! Ação do calor do cofre do motor e o resfriamento da temperatura rodando na estrada quando se equipara os 4 pneus em temperatura !!! Já conseguiram reparar esses detalhes !?

  2. Wishyouwerehere_rtw says:

    I'll be curious to see how the sensors hold up with some off road use and how long the sensor batteries last.


    Quick questions as we are driving in South America. Will we be able to get them in Mercado Libre as well and except the nuts is there any other way to lock them as the car stays by it self and someone can take them easy.

  4. Hugh Jazz says:

    Always Great to see one of your Videos.
    The big advantage of a TPMS, is catching a deflating tire before you destroy it.
    Especially those towing a boat or caravan.
    Everyone I know that has these, still gets the odd flat Tyre, but none of them have destroyed a Tyre from driving on it whilst flat for a long duration.
    So from that point of view, $50-$140 can save destroying a $300 BF Goodridge!

  5. noi doi si un caine says:

    Nice review, Alex. One question though… isn't 48psi too much? That's more than 3.3bar. Curious about wearing tyres at such high pressure.

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