Cooksets I Use and My Most Used

These are some of the cooksets and Mods that i have used for the past few years. Also the cookset I use the most, that fits my needs.

  1. Vinland Bushcraft says:

    Actually I really love it when you do longer vids, you have a lot of hard-gained practical knowledge to share.

    Awesome collection! ?
    That last kit with the sierra cup is what you were using that weekend we were out with Peter, I loved it, it was pretty much as perfect as it's gonna get for a lightweight but capable cookset.
    You were using it on one of the little stick stoves, pretty much a perfect matchup.

  2. Nina Bittrolff says:

    So I see I am not the only one that has a thing for different cook sets and stoves. Every time I say I'm done I see another one I want to try. If I went camping with a huge group I could supply them all with there own kit. My favorite stove is my fire box generation two and my trangia.

  3. dark matter says:

    great set ups for cooking my friend . i really enjoyed the home made ones as you could find them any where if you needed to . and it shows that you dont need fancy gear to have fun . i like that . god bless my friend

  4. Consider This says:

    Great video. Really enjoyed hearing your opinion and creative FIY ideas.

  5. Pumpkin Village Maple says:

    Very good set up. Cooking gear is like an addiction. I keep changing pots and stoves all the time. One for each season. Well that's what I tell my better half anyways.:)) Take care and keep the videos coming, Al

  6. Alex Kunert says:

    Instead of carrying an extra measuring cup have you tried simply scratching graduations inside the pot. I have done that on unmarked pots I own.

  7. TurtleWolf Pack says:

    Those German style kits are all pretty good, the one you have is likely East German, too my knowledge it is the only one that has a handle on the cup. My personal favorite military mess kit is still the Czech three peice although it is a bit large.

  8. MrSIXGUNZ says:

    Awesome sauce lol great video of your idea's and how and when to use each pot. Blessings

  9. yveskc1 says:

    A topic i always like to hear about, pots and cook set… you hit the head of the nail on this one Wayne. Great video as always! a quick ramen noodle lunch over the flame is always fun in the woods… Thanks for sharing with us and best regards -Yves ; )

  10. Iridium242 says:

    Nice kits, I have been looking for the E German kit to review and actually use myself.

  11. Opal Preston Shirley says:

    Some really nice choices Wayne. I like my Stanley and German kits. atb Opal

  12. NorwegianWoods says:

    That was an interesting video Wayne. I have used a few different cook sets over the years. My latest enquiry was the Solo Pot 1800. Seems like an awesome pot. Nice of you to share your experiences with the different sets 🙂
    – Martin

  13. SL's Prepping and Survival says:

    I have the smaller stanley for open fire and the esbit set for alcohol too. I like both of them.

  14. EDC Adventures says:

    Some nice sets you've got. I'd say my most used is the BCB Crusader 2

  15. Terry W. Milburn says:

    Seen all them cook-sets getting their work-out many times, Kull; I love my lil Esbit cook set. T F S Have a great week,ahead, Friend                                ATB " T "     God Bless

  16. derek lapointe says:

    I too, have a cook set addiction. They all get used, just depends on what I'm doing. Great video.

  17. Brian Spencer says:

    Hi Wayne: Your well stocked & a lot of the stuff compliments the others. It shows thought Thanks Brian 77

  18. Brian Hall says:

    Really like your down to earth videos I am putting a backpack together for a one or two night stay with 7 year old grand son any suggestions

  19. Carlos Sepulveda says:

    Great video. I like to watch different cooking sets and their usages.

  20. Life In The Taiga says:

    Nice, nice setup!!! Solostove's rock! Agreed on the bail, they're quite handy. The other systems aren't half bad!

  21. Eat Carbs Outdoors says:

    Great looking cook sets brother.
    Very nice.
    Thanks for the video

  22. ZZ outdoors says:

    Thanks for the share Wayne! Don't have much in the way of cook kits, most the time it's just me anyway! Think I like your favorite best! ZZ.

  23. Chris Burley says:

    Thank you for sharing Wayne. I've been trying out titanium kits lately. Super lightweight and heat up quickly. Like you, I tend to fall back on gear I have made up from reused materials. Better stories with those bits of gear..

  24. John Sherwood says:

    Thanks for sharing Wayne. I enjoyed your unique homemade sets the most. I have a few different sets myself including a lot of military surplus and they all get use in different situations.

  25. kabaruser says:

    Great line up still using that canister pot same ol kull using diy stuff it's great when you diy and it works I only have 5 2 are the Stanley sets but I love the ones I have oh and a canteen set too stay safe brother got two vids up in case you didn't get notified

  26. Kenny Oakley says:

    hi your channel.where can you buy these sets?is amazon the only spot?I live in Cape Breton and have not seen any sets around.thanks for all the great vids

  27. FSBushcraft says:

    Very Cool, and I must say I have seen you use all of them but the last one you do use most….

  28. Eric Rosbottom says:

    Great cook sets Wayne, I use a GSI Nesting cup with a Mini solo TI cook set, surprisingly the larger pot will nest perfectly with a 40oz Klean Kanteen

  29. the mi woodsman says:

    All great cook kits Kull ! i use the Solo pot on all my over nighters and it stores my standard Stanley cook pot inside nicely ! really like the old German cook kit !
    i would like to try out the new Stanley pot set as well !
    great video
    atb john

  30. ben terwellen says:

    a very fine video, i also have some of the same cooksets and use some more than others, great video…….ty, my nano firebox goes everywhere whether i use it or something else , i know when i get there………………

  31. KevinDufflev says:

    Fun vid to watch . My most used pot is the solo titan 1.8l . Love that pot . I don't need one that large to cook or make coffee but for melting snow or boiling water it's worth carrying IMO . I use a Wild Woorod Gasifier stove that fits perfectly inside with a small fire kit and scrubby . I carry it year round . Works great for me although occasionally I don't take any just for a little practise .

  32. shovelhead8 says:

    You have some nice cooksets, Wayne. Must be hard making a choice of what to take sometimes. Thank you for the video. The bugs did not look too bad that day

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