Cotton Wool Balls and Candle Wax Fire starter Pt 1 with Tea

Giant Outdoors video series on fire tinder and fire starters – Creating Cotton Wool (Cotton ball) and Candle Wax fire starters that last over 7 minutes.

Evolution of the candle wax on cotton wool idea. Giant Outdoors (GO) finds impregnating cotton wool with candle wax to create a simple, cheap, effective, long-lasting flame to light life-saving tinder is proof positive.

In this part 1 of 2 videos on Cotton Wool and Candle Wax, Giant Outdoors looks into the ease of safely creating and storing waxed cotton wool fire starter for your Every Day Carry (EDC). Take this with you whenever you are outside, on a trail. Hike, paddle, cycle, and do not leave behind your tin of Cotton Wool and Candle Wax fire starters.

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