Disc Dog Throwing Practice and Training

This video demonstrates how I practice throwing to improve abilities and be a competitive disc dogger. I practice and train with the focus and discipline of an athlete. This is the majority of my training and the most important component to my success. There are many ways to practice but all these components should be included: exercise / conditioning, freestyle throws, toss and fetch throws.

I am not just going out and doing the throws to get through them, it is purposeful training. Each throw I am trying to perfect. I run before I throw to get my body at an elevated heart rate and to feel some fatigue. This puts me in a situation similar to a competition where you are playing all day, exhausted and then need to go to the line and throw.

I do this about 2x/week during the off season and as much as 4x/week leading up to the finals. I don’t do too many back-to-back days to allow my body time to recover.

In addition, I do trail running and hiking with the dogs at least twice a week. I also do a number of arm strengthening and stretching exercises.

– Intro video credit Mark Brisse

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