Discovery 4 Expedition Build – ProSpeed

My Discovery 4 after it visited the Pro-speed boys in York!!

On the 8th day, God created the Discovery 4 Pro-speed!!

  1. Martin Luther King says:

    very nice spec done very neatly. one difference I would make is the paint colour chouse, the grey does work well with the car but I think a dark green would just win me over??

  2. Keith McDonald says:

    Great Vide! I love in Canada and have the 2015 LR4 (I believe this the Disco 4 in the UK) I have been able to find 18" rims to fit my vehicle due to the Calliper size. How did you manage that?

  3. Steven McConnell says:

    Hey mate, I saw the other video of you taking it offroad – nice stuff. Can I ask a question about the front guard – that's a Mantec part, isn't it? How/where did you get it?

  4. its a long shot says:

    Hi, have all though mods. wheels, roof rack etc. made much difference to the discos performance MPG etc.

  5. Shaddrach says:

    Beautiful Disco! I'd love to buy one in the US if they'd give us a diesel option instead of the thirsty supercharged V6. Sad to see this model replaced with the rounded Ford Explorer-looking version too.

  6. Sari Al Shammari says:

    " The snorkle complete the offroad appeal and Look" , seriously ?
    a side from that, great video

  7. Bernal Vega says:

    me gusto ep toque de el frente ariba me pasa una foto porfa Gracias

  8. Phatt Daddy says:

    so you don't need to snorkel/air intake both sides of the engine? Isn't that two intakes on it?

  9. ysman007 says:

    Nice, now bring it to S.A for an overland trip through semi-desert! Like those compomotives, I also have some.

  10. mark pruter says:

    Hello from Las Vegas – Great Video.
    Man, I would love if I could get my hands on a disco4 diesel! The 5.0's out here are ok, but nothing beats that diesel 🙂

  11. Haute Petrolhead says:

    With recent events here in Houston, I've recent become obsessed with lifted SUV's, specifically the Disco. I know this is over a year old, but my question is, how much of a lift was added? Also, what size (31?, 32?, 33?) tyre is fitted?

    From a lay stand point, looks like a 2-inch lift and 33-inch tyres. The rest of the modifications is something I would definitely go for. Restrained aggression.

    Beautiful Disco!!

  12. Nathan C says:

    Just ordered a pair of RS lights from the UK and the brackets for the grill from Lucky8 here in the US. Love your diesel. Wish they were shipped to the US.

  13. Eddie Mitchell - Aerial News says:

    I asked about adding a snorkel with direct line and they wouldn't underwrite in any shape or form, so £450 fully comp to a Land Rover specialist cover at £1380 to cover with a snorkel !!!!!!

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