DIY: How to prevent your Acquo Manhattan rubber boots from sliding down.

When you walk long distances the Acquos tend to slide down and you will have to pull them up again. This is a homemade solution: Adjustable straps made from old suspenders and an ugly belt! Great when the water gets deep, now it´s frozen…
The straps works well with any other over the knee boot too and of course even when wearing a skirt! I put the straps under the skirt so you can´t even see it. Subscribe if you like!

  1. billsinkers says:

    Great idea Marie, I hope we see it in action soon when you crash through the ice and end up thigh deep in the water. The suspenders will keep your boots full while you scramble out!! Also I want to see more of your outfit, and I love to the idea of seeing you dressed in suspenders stockings and boots sometime is most exciting!

  2. Very good! Particularly good feet, rarely anyone Acquo Manhattan put on completely! And the holes taped?

  3. Hi! Please tell me, are your Acquo Manhattan and Lexington boots made of rubber or plastic? There are different opinions on the Internet. Thank You.

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