Donald’s Dino-Bash & Animal Kingdom Snack Fest 2018!

Who doesn’t love a home cooked breakfast on Saturday morning? Afterwards, Peter, Sarah, and Jen head to Animal Kingdom. They see Finding Nemo: The Musical, Festival of the Lion King, & even a little bit of Donald’s Dino-Bash! The main goal of the afternoon was to eat as many snacks as possible, which was successful! After Expedition Everest, we head home for a night of productivity (and switching off couch naps).

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  1. Gina Fabiani says:

    The best…Nemo!…Hello Jen, waving to Jen..Life is wonderful..The Lion King…Cool, I never thought of having a snack-fest at one of the Parks..good idea!….Love pat for Eve, good to be home.

  2. Maria F. says:

    Happy Sunday morning. I am so happy to see jenn got to enjoy for the first time finding nemo and the festival of the lion king. Those snacks looked awesome. 108 more days almost to double digits. By the way that was a awesome breakfast. Have a magical Monday

  3. Rae Masuzzo says:

    Hi Jen. I love that you all have such an ease making friends! Breakfast looked amazing. I am way jealous about the beach. Hope you have a great time. Hugs.

  4. Bubba Ray Biscuit says:

    Two really fun shows! That's crazy that the pipes were bursting on you. All of the snacks looked awesome. That shrim / chili / mac and cheese needs to be part of my next visit!

  5. S.L. Smith says:

    Love the AK and cant' wait to try the AKL next week! Got a studio in the CL there and don't even own at that resort!

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