Easy early season overnight solo hike to Fitzsimmons Creek in Kananaskis

I like to do an easy first hike of the season to wake up my dormant muscles and test out new gear. I call it a shake-down hike. Winter has been ver long in Alberta, and there is still a lot of snow in the mountains. This is a good early season area, in the Highwood region of Kananaskis. Some of my other videos of this area include Lake of the Horns and Loomis Lake. The access road is blocked by a gate until June 1st, but that doesn’t stop me from going in early. I park near the Highwood station and hike across the bridge over the Highwood River to the trail head. It’s not a spectacular hike by any means, but it offers solitude and some interesting exploration opportunities. I spent the first day basically bushwacking. This video is a little different from my other videos. It’s got more point-of-view footage. I’m always trying different ideas for videos. I’m also always training to film new trails for people. I love this country.

  1. MyLovedWildAnimals says:

    Your videos are about beauty, joy, peace, adventure. Your love for pristine wilderness, rivers, creeks, mountains is so amazing, and in my case makes me so happy to watch those marvelous places you hike. Your loyal companion Tikka is exceptional, what a great buddy she is. Be extra careful in those forests, please. You have steel nerves, Marty, you're an awesome person 🙂

  2. Steve Forsythe says:

    Really enjoyed watching…been a long winter. Still snow on the ground, crazy. Tika, she just loves being out with Dad on the trails!

  3. MrXMrP says:

    Idk marty, i'm lost and i'm just sitting on my sofa watching you hike. You must know these trails like the back of your hand.

  4. Mike Sapienza says:

    Marty! So glad to see you back for another season of hiking. I love watching your experiences. I’ve only done one overnight hike so far this year. Your videos hold me over till I can get back out. Great job as always.

  5. Charles Fortin says:

    Hey Marty! Great video as usual. Had two questions for you. First, where did you get the north face tent you’re using i can’t seem to find any retailers in Quebec selling it. Also, what pants are you wearing. I noticed you regularly wear the same ones and i was looking for a new pair myself. Have a nice hiking season!

  6. Nomadic Woodsman says:

    Awesome video man ! Don't know if you're look8ng for a backpacking bud but I would love to camp with you. Im in northeast, Ab. But could come down for a trip ! Cheers man. NW

  7. harmony331000 says:

    I love this country too.im a central Alberta girl who loves the same three things as you! I can’t imagine ever leaving here…I have no desire to! Love the vids as I’ve been to many of them…thanks for sharing & keep it up!

  8. BCal says:

    Great Video Marty. I watched the first half the other day and just finished the rest now. Highwood is a very interesting and great area. I always cycle the highway from the Longview side a few times before it opens to traffic on June 15th. I park at the gate by the gas station that you were talking about. If you have a bike I highly recommend taking it out on that closed highway and cycling. Its outstanding. You have a great idea going to this place – I forgot that it was a PLUZ and would have made a perfect spot to go to this weekend.

  9. Paul Hiebert says:

    Marty, I love all your videos 🙂 But you gotta re-stain that deck of yours k? 🙂

  10. boulder89984 says:

    Good stuff Marty! You sound a little out of shape. Need to go hiking more to cure that.
    Really enjoy your videos, thanks for putting in all the effort to make them!

  11. schlooonginator says:

    I have that saw, how do you like it? Lol, I suppose it has to be better than your old one, that was getting a bit dull.

  12. Kevin Cotter says:

    Marty … do you use a GPS to log your track(s) while hiking? For future reference perhaps? Just wondering … and is it possible to add links for some of your equipment, like the new saw you're using in this video? Thanks, as always, for sharing your adventure.

  13. fistfullof1911 says:

    G'day Marty I enjoy your videos, thanks for the effort.
    Have you tried taking a sous vide steak up on a hike with you? I know it is a luxury due to the weight but it is the best steak after a walk, with mountain air for seasoning. Steak already cooked, vacuum sealed does not need to be kept cold. Get a fire going and char it up in a couple of minutes on full flame with a couple of sticks to hold it. keep safe, keep walking

  14. Jerry Crum says:

    Thank you for all the work that goes in to the videos, I personally on a one or two day trip use MRES and like you and so many others oatmeal and coffee to start the day . Long winter I will huff and puff my first trip as well. Wish you safe travels

  15. Kevin Berry says:

    Thanks for taking us along, Marty. And I do appreciate the time and effort you put into the photography.
    Well done, as always.
    Keep it up & Happy Hiking!

  16. BLACKA BLACKA says:

    Hey Marty, just wanted to let you know I live vicariously through your videos. I wish I could come along on some of those long trips, but until then I’ll continue to watch. Thank you.

  17. Dropshot 5 says:

    You mentioned you hunt the area in the fall. Deer, Elk or Moose?

  18. Troy M says:

    Watched a bunch of your vids and there great! Just wondering if you you bring a extra pair of prescription glasses…i always think about it but always forget until I'm already out there.

  19. Blake Vickers says:

    Love the video! I do appreciate the shot angles you get, keep it up!

  20. Daryl Hicks says:

    Great meeting you at the oil show yesterday. Thanks for buying me a beer and having a chat. Looking forward to your next video.

  21. Dave Thebeau says:

    So good to see you back on trail! We certainly do appreciate the camera work!! Especially your tripod on trail shots entering and leaving frame… excellent. Selfie stick shots are excellent. Head camera shots were not bad on trail but made us woozy in camp doing chores. Always look forward to your videos!!!!

  22. Tekniix says:

    I'm a born and raised Calgarian (27 year old). And I've really been wanting to get into backcountry camping/hiking (2-4 day trips or even 1 nighters). Any recommendations on groups to look at? Don't wanna jump head first going solo. I've started doing solo hikes since the end of last season

  23. Grace Adams says:

    Why don't you sleep in a hammock? they are superrrrr comfy….. I sleep like a baby. My dog hops up in there with me so we sleep together.

  24. Mac Gregor says:

    Thanks for taking us along Marty. Please take what i am about to say witha grain of salt, and please know i really appreciate your videos. I have watched several of them several times and you honestly were one of my inspirations for getting into backpacking altogether. I must say though that your recent vids shot primarily using your head mounted camera are tough to watch. Im one of those annoying people who gets sick watching videos shot like 1st person video games, but i also think doing that creates an entirely different type of video. Anyways apologies for being a critic as i will always appreciate the amazing places you help me visit from down here in beautiful Detroit….

  25. miguel santos says:

    another great video like always, thank you Marty. where do you get your fire starters?

  26. Mark R says:

    Thanks for the video Marty. I am getting the bug to get out backpacking. Just curious I take a filter along for when I just want the water fresh out of the creek. Do you do the same?

  27. Flynn Ch says:

    Your videos are so drown out that it got boring for me. No Bushcraft no real skill learning. Just the views that go for too long. Your editing skills need to improve a lot, unless you’re happy with your little circle of subscribers. I stopped watching your video half way. Maybe I’ll stumble upon your improved channel in the future but for now it’s not for me. Good luck and thank you

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