Effect of Men’s Clothing on Women with Ashley Weston & Behind the Scenes with a Celebrity Stylist

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1. Accessories for Evening Wear –

2. Black Bow Tie in Silk Satin Sized Butterfly Self Tie –

3. Red Spray Rose Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower –

4. Pocket Square with Monogram Initial Classic White Irish Linen –

5. Black Bow Tie in Silk Faille Grosgrain Sized Butterfly –

6. White Phlox Boutonniere Buttonhole Flower –

7. Single End Bow Tie in Black Silk Moiré –

8. Black Bow Tie in Silk Wide Rib Grosgrain Sized Butterfly –

9. Purple Carnation Boutonniere Life Size Lapel Flower –

10. Burnt Orange Silk Pocket Square with Dotted Motifs and Paisley –

Questions Asked:
00:20 How did you get into this field?

02:07 What are the pieces that you think every man must have no matter how old they are, no matter what area they work in?

04:41 Have you ever lived anywhere else?

05:00 Are you present at the photoshoot when you are there?

05:15 Walk us through. How does it work?

06:38 Does it make them uncomfortable because it’s so natural or are they kind of grateful for you helping them out?

07:57 What do you think makes you so special and why is the perspective of the woman so valuable?

09:04 You just said that there’s an under-served niche and that’s where you want to be?

09:57 How do you think men can find that special thing that works for them that makes them comfortable and therefore confident and sexier?

13:38 Do you think men should kind of get outside of their comfort zone to develop that signature item or should it be something that they’re inherently comfortable with?

15:34 Why do you think Hollywood is dressed so poorly when in fact they have the money to do otherwise?

18:00 Why do we see so many three buttoned tuxedos with a notched lapel and flat pockets? When really it’s a small detail and they could make it right and still go with a different color or subtle pattern. What do you think is that? They just don’t care?

19:09 Do you think it also has to do with the fact that maybe items are provided to them? It’s a huge photo opportunity, lots of photographers, people see it in magazines, on TV and brands know that and so they provide a lot of free goods. Is that maybe an impact or would you say not at all?

You can check out Ashley’s youtube channel
and her website Ashley Weston here

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Gentleman’s Gazette


  1. mxt mxt says:

    It's not worth spending more money on a tee shirt than on a polo shirt or henley.

    Being a stylist for women would have been far more difficult for Ashley.

    Also brands are overrated. Suits made by skilled taylors are the most valuable. Basically custom suits or made to measure.

  2. un.garçon says:

    She looks very natural and charming. Also very sexy when a woman is knowledgable. Really enjoyed the interview!

  3. Molly Bennett says:

    So now I'm wondering is there a 'Ladies' Gazette' out there?

    I think we girls should give it a shot on classic styles too.

  4. 鄭漢洋 says:

    Even though white makes a heavy man look fat, it somehow works on him.

  5. Johnny Marques says:

    Awesome interview! Ashley Weston really know every little things to make a man to impress a woman with his clothes! From Brazil keep going Gazzette!!

  6. dipro001 says:

    Raphael, are you attempting in doing the Pitbull look this time of the year?

  7. Sean Tran says:

    Big Ashley fan! Watched every one of her videos and use her opinion as a baseline for the clothes I wear all the time.

  8. Samir Samir says:

    why she's talking to the camera! she supposed to talk to you.. ugh i can't stand ppl like this

  9. Trance Kowhai says:

    a lot of the time when girls dont really like other girls as friends but have tonnes of male friends i think it's an attention thing

  10. discoverspam1 says:

    Your shirt is much too tightEspecially around your armsLooks like a sausage casing

  11. Court Paul says:

    C'mon some of you ppl. pls. Give the guy a break the gentleman is German speaking English if you had to speak German how the Hell you would have sounded ?!?! take his Great advice & try to learn something productive & STOP being so negative ! If you feel you can do better start posting & let the world judge you as some of y'all are trying to criticizing him Grow Up !!!

  12. Nathan M says:

    God your outfit is on point! I must learn more about dressing appropriately!

  13. thejasonbischoff says:

    Never been a fan of women in menswear. You can always tell a man who dresses himself vs. one dressed by a woman. Nothing against her personally, though she does seem a bit over caffeinated.

  14. David Neeley says:

    How to look like a compliant, limp wristed, neutered Simp, while overspending on a simple Tshirt, in order to measure up to the western woman's vein materialistic expectations. No thanks, I prefer my comfortable $10 Tshirt, a pair of loose fitting jeans, my freedom, my self respect and my happiness.

  15. Barbara Murphy says:

    My husband has taken this all on board & he is gorgeous… but where are the style support videos for wives?

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