Enjoy Tent Camping in the Rain

Don’t cancel your next camping trip because rain is in the forecast. Some of my best camping trips have been in wet weather. Join the adventure.

Bob, Jonathan and I just got back from four days at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in Central Texas, USA. Although it rained every day, blue skies and puffy clouds were equally common. As a result of the rain, waterfalls appeared, wildlife came out of hiding and flowers started blooming. It was magical.

Videography by Ken Kramm and Jonathan Kramm; Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Texas, USA, 11-14 May 2014; Canon Vixia HF G10, IPhone 5; Final Cut Pro X. “Water In the Creek” by Josh Woodward Creative Commons 3.0 Direct Link:

  1. TravelDude1981 says:

    so during may, is the best time for camping in the rain? i enjoy that sorta thing.. how much was it to stay?

  2. Carl Brady says:

    Great video!  Very nice!  Enchanted Rock is one of my favorite places.  I've never been there in the rain… until now!

  3. TomsBackwoods says:

    Looked like fun! Camping in the rain is always fun! Really tells ya about the gear!

  4. Paul Dinning says:

    That looked like great fun Ken. I love the sound of rain on a tent. Having said that, the last time I went camping in the rain, the rain soaked through our tent in the middle of the night. We had to throw the tent in a skip and drive home in our underpants. We laugh about it now LOL

  5. Ed Cook says:

    It's June now and southern Florida is moving into our Rainy Season. My wife and I are looking forward to this so we can go camping again.

  6. Survive Without says:

    such a great video. my truck actually got struck by lightning once. I have a dent in it from it

  7. Wolf NZ Outdoors says:

    Awesome video, great scenery.

    I fully agree, some of the best camping trips have included rain – mind you, on Mount Te Aroha where I used to camp most often, the only two "flavours" of weather were "raining" and "going to rain" so it didn't matter what the weather report was, rain was always an option.  Only ever had to abandon the campsite due to flooding a couple of times, though.

    I certainly hope that the bottoms of those tents kept that not-insignificant run-off away from your gear and sleeping bags.

  8. Pawoodsman says:

    Ken you must have taken video editing and videography lesson beautiful work these taken with DSLR ?

  9. Mari Rodriguez says:

    Ohh! Wow!! The full meal at the end..Looked delish! Great video! Thanks! :))

  10. Márcio Floripa says:

    Awsome video and sountrack!!! Really beautifull!! Thanks for that. Marcio

  11. savedpurplecat says:

    What a wonderful treat, the best wildcamping Vid I have seen in a long time, thanks for taking us with you: Tim

  12. jaglinuxmint says:

    you are amazing! everytime i watch one of your video i get lost in time and feel transported to the place! its so relaxing. love your videos!

  13. jaglinuxmint says:

    I think its pretty scary if you are camping alone there! are there any wild animals ken? and it may sound silly, are there any ghosts there? i always am scared of ghosts. Once i camped alone near 'kudremukh' (karnataka, India). I was so scared, i couldn't lie down! do you have any such experience ken?

  14. Lisa Harris says:

    I don't know about camping in the rain but what a beautiful area. I wish I had friends down to go camping. Are scorpions out there?

  15. olin alit says:

    I really like watching this video. I play it many times :D. Camping in the rain gives a wonderful feeling for me. I really would like to try it, eventhough if I only erected the tent in my backyard :D..Thank you for wonderful movie.

  16. coventryheating says:

    I very nearly turned of this video, as the music at the start was doing my head, seems every video has damm music over the top, but after a while when typing this the music stopped and I enjoyed a quality video, well done and keep up the great camera work

  17. Guiding Mike says:

    Ken, you are the Mr. Rogers of the wilderness! So mellow and always finding positives in what many would see as negatives. Ken doesn't talk about the mad rainstorm. Instead he notices how happy the birds are. Ken doesn't talk about the leak in the tarp. Instead he notices a waterfall forming in the distance. So cool. Everybody should be lucky enough to have a friend like Ken.

  18. Olympic Outdoors Dad says:

    How did your tents fare with that down pour? What tent do you like for such a situation? Did you treat your gear with scotch gard too? I am from north west WA. An am always hunting tips for better ways to camp in the elements. This year I have been lucky an able to outfit my self with a proper tent, an trail tarp..both from slumberjack. Can't wait for fall to test them 🙂 happy trails.

  19. Adam Kelley says:

    Awesome camera work, decent audio, great material, and my favorite subject. Job well done, sir!

  20. lilbeserk says:

    Been there done that at Mammoth, CA! 9k elevation with heavy rain/sleet/snow storms (unexpectedly). We were prepared and had a great time listening to the storm all night long! Thank God I was ready for anything otherwise my wife warned me "If I'm not comfortable in our tent, we are going to a hotel tonight!!" She slept soundly and we woke up with 2" snow all around us (in late May 2013). Great times indeed!

  21. Guiding Mike says:

    This is such an excellent and artistically done video. you can really see that desert area drinking up all that water.

  22. Free Dive says:

    Been here! When I was stationed at Bergstrom AFB, my OIC got married there…we had a suckling pig roasted in one of the grills there…with achiote oil rubbed onto the skin…good times!!

  23. I.vi. Its Whatvr says:

    Gorgeous waterfall! This is an awesome video. Thanks guys for showing us some rain camping 🙂

  24. Vigilante Driver says:

    I love the rain and minor storms when camping in the deep woods. To be with my Lord Jesus is the best Camping Trip I can have. Jesus will never give me anything I am not able to handle.

  25. Don Jon Lon says:

    try camping at home in the backyard .just think …no pesty wolves bears snakes bad weather or campfires gone wrong .you don't even have to worry about all the junk you need but forgot to bring along ..like the tv remote ….brr

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