Expedition Unknown S05E06 – Nazi Gold and Atomic Secrets

Nazi Gold and Atomic Secrets

S05E06 – Josh Gates travels to Europe to expose the last secrets of the Nazi empire; while there, he travels to Austria to expose the secrets of the Third Reich.

  1. billy forrest says:

    whooo just as I'm cooking bacon and eggs its going to be a good ty for vid

  2. Will Cootes says:

    Thanks Jon…..your a proper legend 👍 Many thanks from uk bro

  3. Troy Majors says:

    This is an old episode its not season 5 episode 6 .. watch episode season 5 episode 5 and he states next show was about stolen red shoes from wizard of oz or something .. this is from an earlier season ive seen it before so maybe u uploaded wrong one by mistake

  4. Tina Louise says:

    Why would the government pay the police to guard the area if there was nothing there? They don't get paid to guard "maybe there's a train car full of gold buried here", they know it's there.

  5. Xavier Draco says:

    It's not just an old episode, it's 2 episodes from the end season 2 mixed together. They might be pushing forward as actual episode 6 of season 5. Thanks as usual for the upload though.

  6. David Hold says:

    1 old episode not season 5 ep 6 nazi gold and atomic secrets
    2 no audio

  7. C.S. Lewis says:

    Nazi gold and atomic secrets…yes…were off to disneyland…disney and stormtroopers did what hitler and stormtroopers couldnt…

  8. wladyka68 says:

    This is a repeat of season two episode two. Hitler's atomic secrets.

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