Face to Face with Deer in Edgewood Park, California

While hiking in the Edgewood Park area of Redwood City, California I came across these two young deer grazing in the brush in the first mile of my hike. The animals in this park are pretty used to seeing people so they let you get really close. This particular park is home to various deer, lizards, rabbit, hare, and mountain lion.

This is the second time I hiked this trail, which is a simple 3 mile exercise hike with minimal grade. It is a really nice mild walk that at first leads through some dense wooded areas before opening up to an amazing view of San Mateo Bay. This park is known for its wild flowers in the early spring and I’ve heard it’s a pretty amazing sight. This time of year its mostly yellow-brown hills, which I think is still pretty nice. Great views of the sunset and the eerie rolling fogs of the Bay Area.

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