Favorite Tip & Trick, Camping Tips, & New Videos – “Fireside Chat”

“Fireside Chat” (Ep 2) – In this interactive series we cover a few viewer suggested topics, including: A tip and trick that I’ve found to be among the most useful, a couple of handy backpacking and camping tips for beginners and ol’ pros alike, as well as revealing some new and upcoming videos that will be rolling out here on the channel that I hope you’re as excited about as I am!
If you are interested in seeing a particular topic/subject covered or have a question that you would like answered, please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to feature it in an upcoming episode. As always, thank you very much for your support my friends… it is truly appreciated!
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Special thanks to Chris over at InspireAson for providing the footage of the John Muir Trail. You can check out his channel here:

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  1. Craig Mooring says:

    Denali is higher than Whitney and on the same continent. I think you meant it is the highest mountain in the contiguous states.

  2. neoaliphant says:

    How about : Bushcraft in your location, Dave Canterbury often mentions some specifics about bushcraft in Ohio/Eastern woodlands, how about discussing the area where you live….

  3. Cragdwella says:

    Always great to see you out and about man ! Really exited for you and your JMT hike ! I think the series is a great idea. You are a gold standard on YouTube my friend ! Hope things are well my friend ! Peace ✌️

  4. Matt Miller says:

    Awesome John, "of course". I like this series and I think you should continue with it. My favorite videos are always your actual backpacking trips. My suggestion for a fireside topic is to discuss some of your favorite backpacking memories or experiences. So, what is one of your favorite backpacking experiences?

  5. mainedwella says:

    Hello! You are a great outdoor advocate and I love your style. Enjoyed this video as always, keep it going, Peace, MD

  6. You're definitely right that you can get started backpacking for cheap. If you go no cook you can put together a kit for rather cheap, even with all new gear. I got along fine with a $30 tent and $5 stove until recently. Nothing will be lightweight, of course, and you won't be comfy in a snow storm and 60 mph winds, but what's wrong with building a little muscle 🙂

  7. ramsessilent says:

    John your back i thought you died 2 years ago! great to see you back! great little talk thanks for sharing! Stay awesome!

  8. Jennifer D. says:

    "Follow Bigfoot" who hiked the AT also hiked the JMT and has a few great videos about it.

  9. Steelhuskers 1 says:

    Definitely looking forward to more fireside chats.wall tent series will be interesting. And with the season of mosquitoes just around the corner any DYI’S/tips to help battle those little bleepers 👍

  10. Survival Mindset says:

    Jon I will be looking forward to the new videos and content. The John Muir trail is amazing. Enjoy the fire throw a log on for me.

  11. I never saw the beginning of this series back in the day but I'm glad you've brought it back around, John! Once again, so glad to see you back in your element and seemingly at peace. Keep it up, and stay safe buddy!

  12. Brian Spencer says:

    Well John: Looks like some interesting times ahead When I started tripping I had a backup for almost everything. Now I feel better if one thing has 2-4 uses. Thanks Brian 77

  13. Dan Wilder says:

    Starting in camping tip. Pick your season. In best weather you can start with a swim air mattress, blanket, cheapest tent, light fry pan tin coffee pot and “comfortable shoes”.

  14. Dan Wilder says:

    I started watching you when you did bacon and eggs in a bag. I’d like more cooking videos.

  15. Deerheart Adornments says:

    Thanx for the tips and will stay tuned to your fireside chats, love the theme and am looking forward to being at my own fireside. the mylar layer is great. was worth my time subscribing to you vids. keep it up!

  16. Terry W. Milburn says:

    'mornin John Great settin by your fire for the chat & Info,  Where's Kado ?  Looking forward to your next post !  Be Well, Friend                                                      ATB Ter  God Bless

  17. Eric Martinez says:

    I LOVE your channel! One topic I think would be useful is tips/help/guidance for finding local trails where camping is allowed. I think a lot of beginners are scared of accidentally breaking the law.

  18. Darignobullseye says:

    Thanks. I like to go out and sometimes stop. Thanks for saying, just go out and enjoy outdoors way you want.
    Loved the car shade idea. That is Fantastic!

  19. cahighcountry says:

    Hey John! Glad to see videos up and running again! Hopefully all works out for that big backpacking trip in cali. I have some great fishing tips for the high country trout fishing.. which im sure u already know. Let me know if you have any questions about the john muir trail too it’s totally awesome. I hope you catch a golden trout assuming you are gonna fish! Good luck my friend! -Kurt

  20. Melissa Christel says:

    Awesome. There’s a documentary on the JMT called ‘ Mile, mile and a half’ great film, bet you’d love it.

  21. Dan Libby says:

    Nice Chat! keep the videos coming! I would enjoy seeing your next adventure from start to finish. I enjoy your light weight backpack ideas. How do I make a suggestion for your tip -of-the -week?

  22. Mark Davis says:

    Great advice for the first timer. I would have said the same. Go on a day hike first to see if you even like being out doors and in nature. Then if you do like it work your way up to an over night camping trip. Be sure to take water, snacks and a first aide kit and you'll be good to go.

  23. Tim M says:

    Yes, I would like to have a seat next to that fire! Please take care of yourself.

  24. Sas Quatch says:

    Love the DIY videos, bro. Would love to see some ultralight packing that includes fishing equipment.

    BTW, I buy a LOT of camping gear at Goodwill. I've gotten hundreds of dollars worth of high-end camp cook kits for pennies on the dollar. For some reason tho, I just can't ditch my Foster pot. I'm a DIY junkie.

  25. Warren Davidson says:

    Good chat John.  Do you have a problem with sleep pad slipping around on tent floor.   I have a Neo-Air and its like being on a skating rink.  Thanks

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