Field Test: Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym

The Hennessy Hammock just might be the best thing for backpacking since sliced bread. It has all the amenities of a tent, with the bonus features of a camp chair, shelter, and super-soft sleeping area. It’s a snap to set up, and all you need is two trees. And it’s lightweight, too–about half the weight of a typical backpacking tent.

In this field test, I’ll try out the Hennessy Expedition Asym as a practice run for an overnight in the backcountry. Let me know your experience/thoughts on this hammock in the comments!

  1. Sharaine Glover says:

    I am like you…skeptical about hammocks especially in colder weather because apparently you need an under quilt along with a top quilt/sleeping bag…just too many parts to make it all work and be comfortable. For those who use them love them. Just bought a Golite Imogene UL 2. Love it but would consider a hammock for summer. Great video …looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! My buddy Joe and I will be taking these out to the backcountry soon. I am buying the Expedition Asym off of him and purchased the Hyperlite. We will be heading to the backwoods of Kentucky in early November, and I'm hoping whatever system I put together will keep me from freezing to death.

  3. outdoorinitiative says:

    Yeah I have the older style of HH that you crawl into and I think this model is way better. Filming with 1 hand is a bear.

  4. Well, we took these out last weekend and I have to say the verdict is…AWESOME. I used a RidgeRest underpad and REI Stratus inflatable pad underneath and stayed warm in the 30's with my 30-degree bag. This was definitely the way to go, and I just may never use a tent again.

  5. BlackSwanPreparations says:

    When I first seen this video it looked allot like KY close to the Gorge. Nice video, I've been turned on to Hennessy Hammocks recently. So I've been doing some research. Thanks for the info! Maybe I'll see you on trails since I'm a KY boy too! Check out my page on FB. Look forward to your next video!

  6. Dennis Kuenze says:

    Good review. Thanks for sharing. If your add the super shelter to the Hennessey you'll be surprise how well it does in cold weather. Just add a space blanket to the pad and a nice over quilt and your good to go. Enjoy & be safe !

  7. Chris Daniel says:

    I have a Hennessy hammock (ultralight explorer), and I think its probably been the best investment I've made towards my sleeping system.  I previously used lightweight single-person tents and must say that I wish I had bought my hammock before I spent all that money on my tents.  I was a big hammock critic because of the fact that hammocks are mostly meant for three seasons weather, but thanks to tips from YouTube channels I've found that you can still use a hammock comfortably and warmly in the winter time while keeping your pack weight light.  Overall my hammock has surprised me, it does take a little getting used to at first, and I highly suggest watching the different videos on the Hennessey hammocks, but the investment is defiantly worth it.

  8. steven Nelson says:


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