German Shepherd Born to Hike

Today Kassie our three year old German Shepherd goes on a beautiful hike in the hills at Saskatchewan landing.

Click these links to see other hikes in this area.

  1. JUST SAYING says:

    What a beautiful day!! ☀️☀️No way can you pass this up after all that snow and cold☃☃ ENJOY!

  2. Mark Crane says:

    That area will be another place I will be visiting when coming to Saskatchewan. Thanks for the great hike!

  3. JM Marshall says:

    Canada is very beautiful! (Really like the music you play.)

  4. Ben Winkel says:

    Interesting scenery guys! Kassie had a lot of fun and so did you. Must feel nice to get out after that long cold winter. Amazing that cacti grow so far up north with your cold winters!

  5. PMC BURKEY says:

    Love the many elevations,
    the varied color contrasts,
    the crocus and cactus…
    Enjoyed nature's elements!
    Thanks for taking me along ❤

  6. Mayi259 says:

    The spring is finally hier or the summer.😊interesting and beautiful area and Kassie has a lot of fun there.😄lovely.thanks 😊🌞

  7. Sharon 92075 says:

    Great views! Lovely music!
    I'm sure you are familiar with which berries can be eaten and which cannot.


    WOW what a magical place!. Thank you so much for sharing it. I always love the landscapes you show my dear Kullike and Dennis. They are really wonderful places to visit, so quiet, bright and colorful. Your videos make me feel that I am there too seeing all that beauty!.Enjoy it!. And Yes, there is no doubt that Kassie was born to hike. Best and warm regards.😘

  9. LostHorizon52 aka Debbie says:

    I always love the way Kassie leads the way for you both, she takes her job seriously ❤️❤️ Sure hope Kassie didn't walk on any of those cactus needles :)))) Great scenic views and looks like it was a beautiful spring/summer day ❤️❤️

  10. ecosselion says:

    Hi to you all,good to see you are getting out on a hike,the weather is starting
    to get better for yourselves and the pup,in Scotland the wild Haggis are out and
    about,sure sign that the weather is going to improve for the summer.

  11. TEE-nuh says:

    Wow, a beautiful place! I was going to say it looked like AZ 😄. Thank you and God bless you all 🙏🏼🌸

  12. Pat Posk says:

    I loved the trip and hike. It was so beautiful when you got up higher and we could see all the rolling hills and scenery and when you put in the music it was so relaxing and restful and dreamy. It just made you feel like you were in another world…no problems and no strife just peace and the beauty of nature…thanks guys for sharing and the pup really had a ball. pat

  13. Don Blake says:

    Dennis&Kullike, thanks for another great Video! I really enjoy your Hikes and your Family interaction Videos! Very warm!

  14. Greg M says:

    It's about time some descent weather hit. 120 miles to take a walk? Great camera work there Dennis. Music was very calming. We had almost 90f yesterday!

  15. Viv Piesse says:

    The cacti, the gorgeous crocuses and then the birdsong down by the creek, loved it all so thank you for the joy you bring to us.Vivxxx

  16. Chris The likeable says:

    Wondering if you guys ever see much wildlife on your hikes? We've already had four or 5 snakes in the backyard this year. Also we often see lots of kangaroos and wallabys.

  17. Abhinav Kumar says:

    How much time does it take you all to reach such far places from home , i think maybe 3-4 hours, at what speed do you drive in km/hr??
    🚗🚗🚗🚗…those barren hills remiinded me of movie"hills have eyes", that was a scary movie and i love such scary n thrilling movies having stories of abandoned places

  18. Richard Jones says:

    a beautiful canine friend and a beautiful wife and beautiful scenery what more could a man ask for your a lucky man Dennis

  19. Megswede B says:

    That is a very cool looking place; it almost looks like a "moonscape" with no people in sight! Well, except for you guys, ha, ha! Beautiful! And the bird was singing while you were wading in stream. I like yellow, too, Kullike, so cheerful! Thanks for sharing, as always. HI also to pets at home! Hope Cherry is mending well!

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