Grand Canyon night hike: South Kaibab – Tonto – Bright Angel loop

Video describes a late afternoon/evening circuit hike descending the South Kaibab trail to Tonto trail west to the Bright Angel trail and back up to the rim.

  1. Fabien Molinet says:

    What do you think about doing this hike around 15th of August? I would carry plenty of water/salted snacks of course. But do you think it's doable, regarding the heat? (especially when you are at Skeleton point and on Tonto)

  2. The Mrs. KKB says:

    Very cool hike – I did this one early this year starting before sunrise on an icy SK trail down and BA (slushy at that point) up.  But what an amazing hike – I love this route.  Thanks for showing it at another time of day 🙂 But I can believe that it was spooky on the Tonto West in the dark at that point.  Loved the sounds of the frogs though.  Thanks for sharing.  I have my version of this hike on my cannel if you are interested 🙂

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