Grand Canyon North Rim Hike – Cliff Spring Trail

We were going to skip this one because it didn’t look on the maps like it would have good views of or into the Canyon. On the recommendation of our waiter at breakfast at Grand Canyon Lodge, we decided to give it a try. It was FANTASTIC! Being alone on the trails seemed a theme of our trip this time and that was perfect.
The Native ruins were really neat to see on the way to the Spring. When we got to the spring, it reminded us of Weeping Rock in Zion NP. Certainly worth a mile’s worth of steps for this experience.

  1. potatothorn says:

    so beautiful. we didnt do enough hiking at north rim, looks like you all really got the full experience that is awesome

  2. Big Crazy Outdoor Adventures says:

    Wow! "Holy cow!" is right. That's amazing. It's awesome you guys had the trail to yourself, not that I have any problem sharing the trail. It just adds to the peacefulness sometimes to not have a lot of people. Higher level of appreciation for the surroundings. Thanks for sharing!

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