Had to Hitch Hike at the Grand Canyon!

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  1. Thank God that a nice family gave you a ride back to town.That is so frightening! The views are so gorgeous,but I am very afraid of heights,so had to look away,lol. Thanks for the wonderful vlogs!

  2. Panya V. says:

    Masha'allah, that's nice that the family helped you. I'm glad you made it back safely, alhamdulillah.

  3. canadianmasraya says:

    Kinda weird and random, but I was just thinking, I think we’d really get along if we met in person! Hey, if you’re ever in Missouri…lol (no, but seriously)!

  4. Khushnood Chaudhry says:

    Girl, you got me freaking out over here, can't image what momma toottles is going thru. By the way,love her storytime

  5. Freedom Yogini TV says:

    Oh my goodness I am so happy you are safe. I found you from looking at van conversations… I have a red Kia Soul and am enjoying your Soul Journey. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  6. Skysforeverblue says:

    So glad you got a ride back alhumdulillah! Make sure you throw a few snacks in the bag next time.

  7. Alhumdullilah you’re ok! That was such a blessing that they came along. Loving your adventures! You go girl!

  8. Salmah Mohamed says:

    Awwww… may Allah bless that woman and her family for giving you that ride back to the village. May Allah remove any obstacles from your journey this point forward and place much ease in your journey! Keep warm Nye! 🙂  Yes that could have been VERY bad if you hadn't gotten a ride back the the village.

  9. __Dino__ Ab__ says:

    Bless your heart! Glad you had a Angel looking out for you. You caught some really stunning footage! 🙌🏻☺️

  10. Alondra Dallaly says:

    Subhanallah! This series. I adore this one woman show you've got going on here. Wa salaam.

  11. Aziza Pauff says:

    “This trail just got aggressive.” Lol XD Alhamdulilah, glad you’re ok Nye, stay safe! ♥

  12. LovingAtlanta says:

    👍I love the Grand Canyon & I love hiking. Glad you made it back safely. So thankful for good people. 🤗💞🤗

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