High Desert Car Camping Overland Style – Exploring – Hiking – Camping – Jeep JK

High Desert Car Camping Overland Style – Exploring – Hiking – Camping – Oregon High Desert

Another overland car camping adventure in the Central Oregon High Desert in the Jeep JK Rubicon. Staying in the rooftop tent and exploring the high desert is always one of my favorite ways to enjoy a weekend!

Check out the gear I use, how I set up camp, and see some of the awesome scenery out in the desert country of Oregon.

Hope you enjoy!

Coyote Works


  1. Samantha Morrill says:

    Nice country, did you see any more fresher sign of lions the following day? Glad you had your side arm on you…not a rifle but better than a sharp stick …lol😊

  2. campfire52 says:

    That looked like a pretty nice adventure out there, thanks for taking us all along. It appears as though that Jeep and the rooftop setup is doing a pretty good job for you. Take care my friend and continue to enjoy the quiet and solitude of those old desert trails out there. Central and eastern Oregon is so wide open and so awesome.

  3. Treg Marcilliotte says:

    Im 29 years old. Is it too late for you to adopt me lol great vid tho man

  4. Richard Bozarth says:

    That is the perfect place to give a good metal detector a work out. I've found a lot of old stuff over the years….

  5. Fact Find says:

    Do you keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case a sudden gust gets that fire out of the fire pit? Another great video,,thank you.

  6. Shane Slone says:

    Looked like a great time exploring. What brand of table are you using when you camp?

  7. Triumph Screen Printing says:

    Agreed! that was an epic spot to chill for the night… and that view in the morning!
    Love Oregon for exploring like you are doing. So awesome.
    Thanks for sharing with us Casey! Be well…

  8. Patrick La Shell says:

    Excellent video. Does a piece of sagebrush burn for as long as a piece of wood? I know that it's difficult to gage because there are so many different variables, but I think you'll understand what I'm getting at.

  9. Another excellent video. Thank you for sharing Coyote Works. Already looking forward to your next upload.

  10. Robert Young says:

    Another great video, really enjoy watching it. It's been several years since I've been in the desert like that. Spent many of nights at 29 Palms in my Marine Corps days. Always had the best sun sets and rises. Almost as good as being out on the ocean. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy watching and wishing I could get away like that for a weekend but by watching your videos it helps.

  11. coffee637 says:

    Looks like a fun little get away from it all. Sometimes just an overnighter can recharge me. thanks for posting. Oh, and how far out of town were you?

  12. Danny Walker says:

    I really enjoy these little excursions you show us. I Love History and the 0ld West🤠🔫🌵

  13. Scott Lane says:

    Glad to see you were able to get out and decompress a little bit always good for the soul

  14. Oregon Mike says:

    See what you guys don't know is that after being out 2-3 days exploring, cooking around a campfire, crawling around in old mines etc… Casey will get into the truck with me and I'll pause "sniff sniff" and Casey will say "what? I ask him "how the hell do you stay smelling so clean and fresh?" Casey smells like he just came out of his office or something. I don't know how the hell he does it, he crawls over the same pack rat nests I do.

  15. bluenetmarketing says:

    Does that propane heater make a lot of moisture inside the walls of your tent and on everything else? Be careful, snakes and other creepers will crawl into that rooftop cover you stowed under your car overnight.

  16. Survival Lilly says:

    Great video, I would really like to own a Jeep like this as well, but cant afford…How fast does it drive on the highway?

  17. Survival Lilly says:

    Hmmm you dont have a lot of fire wood in the desert, that can be a real problem. Some good junks of dry wood in your car, would be a good solution for an emergency situation when you need a big warm fire 🙂

  18. 259Den3 says:

    Could you talk a little bit about your map with the 'Rock Wall'; did you somehow scan it and have it aligned with a base map? It appears to be in some sort of navigation software or tablet. And if you could describe (or perhaps a video) on your navigation setup, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for the great videos.


    Fellow Central Oregon content creator here. Seems like more folks are starting to create good content here in Oregon and it is nice to see. Pretty sure I saw your Jeep the other day on Greenwood but I could be wrong. Anyway keep it up and maybe I will see you out on the trails.

  20. Dack Bliamond Expeditions says:

    great content. comment section check my channel out for more Outdoor content

  21. Vig Haralds says:

    Why did you hold the gun when doing the introduction? Was there a threat? Did it help with the firewood? I don’t get it.

  22. Bodie Band says:

    Hey Brother, two things stuck out to me as a Jeeper, fellow outdoors guy, former member of the American Mountain men and 32 year vet of Los Angeles County Law Enforcement, and it just bothered me. 1) That fire should have been completely out before leaving that camp.  If you're going to start a fire for warmth or cooking, carry water to put it out, or completely bury it, so it is out.  2) it looked silly, you squatting there with an AR format rifle in the middle of nowhere, with no one around.  It just does not portray a good image of an outdoorsman. You could have had it leaning against the Jeep, or just leave it out of the picture completely. Carry your handgun. Keep it concealed.  I've seen some of your other videos and I know that you are armed, and that is good.  just don't advertise it.  It looked like you're advertising that you're armed.  I've been on many Jeep runs and camp outs where No One knew I was armed and that is the way it should be.  Other than that I have enjoyed your videos.

  23. Why do you carry a gun? Is it for protection from animals or people.? In Oz we can’t do that..

  24. Barbara Mitchell says:

    You are going to hate this….is that posturing in that opening shot….

  25. Richard S says:

    Just started following your channel, and I can’t get enough of it! Where did you learn all your survival techniques? You should write a book! Have you ever experienced any paranormal activity (UFOs, ghosts, weird sounds, big foot) when you are out camping in the middle of nowhere?

  26. BertMiscerson says:

    You ever get out and explore the Sumpter / Granite area? My brother lives in La Grande. Lots of old abandon mines and ruins out there to explore!

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