Hiking an Australian mountain, Morton National Park, N.S.W Australia

Overnight camping on top of The Castle Mountain N.S.W. Australia

  1. Pauls Maine Outdoors says:

    That was a really well done video Chris and it looks like a spectacular place to camp/hike. Wow…..just wow.

  2. shlisa shell says:

    Amazing how you fit all this in a five minute video. You are great. Take advantage of life!

  3. Johny outdoors says:

    top vid chris,really enjoyed it mate,stunning location and some brilliant footage, you should make a still photo of the shot of youre silhouette on the edge of the mountain watching the sunset,cheers mate…….johny

  4. Austdragon says:

    Awesome video mate. The scenery was spectacular. Were those snake leggings you were wearing?
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

  5. Roughing It With Ruth says:

    Wow! What an incredible, treacherous, beautiful place! And SUCH AN EPIC CAMP SITE! Thanks for the video – I found your channel via Happy Trails with Nick 🙂

  6. willberness says:

    Yet another great video man. You go to some amazing locations. Wish I could join you.

  7. gerry mcveigh says:

    Chris, what a cool way to get to the summit, loved the cascading water and squeezing through the rocks. What a spot to watch the sun fall and rise and another amazing camping spot! Brilliant adventuring 🙂

  8. Abe Mitchell says:

    Awesome video Chris. Looking forward to doing it in May. Where's the book that you signed?

  9. akdriller says:

    OK, that is a top notch video, I'm pretty much speechless! You WILL adopt me when I'm left at your door!

  10. laquanito says:

    Hey Chris cool video buddy, been sussing out this track for a while. Enjoyed yours the most. I have a quick couple of questions regarding this. Where did you park your car to start and end the hike? How long did it take? I have a low car, will it make it to that spot? Also terrified of heights but down to face fears, the ropes that were there to climb to the summit, how safe is it? Was there much of it? Which track did you follow? I'm sorry if I asked questions you've already answered. Cheers!

  11. Louisa klimentos says:

    What an incredible hike and well done! Please do more videos as I loved this one so muchMorton national park is amazing regards Louisa

  12. mystic_beast says:

    hey bud, just wanted to say I enjoy your videos very much. Inspiring.

  13. Seba Pawlak says:

    Love what you do , and how you make videos -without unnecessary music or talking.
    I have subscribed your channel and wish you never gonna stop doing this!!
    Take care of yourself and your son!

  14. James Liam says:

    Nice vid mate!! I've done a day trip to the top of the castle but next time i think I'll camp. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  15. Kristy Zhang says:

    Hi Chris! This is awesome adventuring.. and love your style. That is the best looking camp chair/lounge setting I've ever seen. Great editing! I really appreciate you showing us your point of view on the journey and sharing these moments with you. Keeping them coming!

  16. TheJoeman11 says:

    Great video…you made it look so relaxing. You've inspired me to try another attempt on sumitting The Castle…this summer! I prefer ropes on the narrow chute before the summit..I feel so vulnerable there. Last time there was only an old weathered rope. But I am bringing my own this time and taking it out with me too.

  17. chris 86 says:

    Hey mate,Like everyone else, I thoroughly enjoyed this video! I did the castle a while ago but we went up to a somewhat dead end at the top. Still the top, but we couldn’t access anywhere else.. where did you camp? We are thinking about doing it from the wog wog camp sometime soon..Keep up the good work!

  18. Jim Star says:

    So inspiring, thanks for sharing Chris, you have inspired me to go do this hike one day, but I first still need to learn more about the track. Can I ask what tent r u using. Sub to ur Channel. Liked the postie bike vid as well.

  19. Scotty's Gone Walkabouts says:

    Mate! What a cracker of a spot! I'm planning on camping on the castle in about a month or so. Great to see what I'm up for. Nice work.

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