Hiking Caledon State Park, Virginia

Caledon State Park is a National Natural Landmark located on Virginia’s Northern Neck Peninsula in King George County. The park lies along the Potomac River, and includes many old growth trees in its upland forest areas as well as marshes along the river. The area is well known for Bald Eagles and many other birds.

Caledon was also a colonial era plantation established by the Alexander family, founders of the nearby City of Alexandria. There was also a small port operated on the Potomac River at Boyd’s Hole that remained in operation up until the Civil War. Many colonial period buildings remain on the property.

Trails utilized in this video:
Boyd’s Hole Trail
Caledon Marsh Trail
Cliffs Overlook Spur
Potomac Overlook Trail

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“Little Candle” by Stefan Kartenburg

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  1. Bluecollar Backcountry says:

    I had no idea the Potomac River was so huge. Looked like another great day.

  2. Virginia Outdoorsman says:

    Nice looking Park, it looks as if you had it all to yourself. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just James says:

    Great shark's tooth. It still doesn't quite feel like fall here in southeast NC, unfortunately. But I can feel the fall air in this video!!!

  4. A Yuneec View says:

    Such a peaceful place. Love the sharks tooth. I appreciate you taking us along on your adventures. I look forward to your next adventure.

  5. KrizAkoni says:

    Hello (waving from the MD side of the Potomac). Caledon is further north than I thought. I'll need to check that one out! I'm really bad at finding sharks teeth, no matter how long I look, I've never found any.

  6. Pinetree Line Outdoors says:

    Cool adventure!! I have to agree with others that the river is huge!! Beautiful park…thanks for sharing!!

  7. whatnot987 says:

    Looked like a really nice park to explore. Hope that I can make it to that part of Virginia one day. It's really the only area of the state that I haven't seen yet. Liked that view at 5:21, would have made a nice picture. Cool shark tooth as well, saw that pic on your instagram… Thanks for sharing your hike with us.

  8. Evan's Backpacking Videos says:

    Great look at the park. Appreciated all the useful information. Nice views too!

  9. Lee Ralph says:

    Tou said it my Friend, awesome view!! As always I like the history that you share of these places..Thanks for another great video!!

  10. Brisco Hikes says:

    Looks like a great place and what a find. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

  11. Kentucky Woodsman says:

    Neat area! Finding a fossilized shark tooth would be pretty cool. Thanks for sharing!

  12. the mi woodsman says:

    Beautiful hike as always love the monster of a river ! and nice trails for hiking !
    atb john

  13. Adventure Outdoors says:

    Nice & flat. That Hiking Guy would appreciate these trails and he wouldn't pant so bad. Another nice spot you have reviewed for us. My kind of place. You need a little traveling fishing rod to throw a bait out every now & then. Cool shark tooth.

  14. uptrail71 says:

    Nice views from the other side of the fence! lol The Potomac River is wide! Beautiful area and good find. Did you make a video about a year or so ago in this general area?

  15. KeeFr Hikes says:

    He Potomac is amazing. Very rare to see vlogs from this area. Thanks for sharing.

  16. potatothorn says:

    Risky out on that edge! neat spot. shark tooth~ nice find ..sure did enjoy it, love the long row of forest along the road at the end

  17. Jim at Trails We Hike says:

    Another great trip and video! Seemed quite peaceful, thanks as always for bringing us along. Really interesting about the old port there on the Potomac.

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