Hiking Gear – Cooling Towel

It’s a great towel to take along hiking, I keep it in my hiking pack and it stores pretty easily with minimal space. I’ve used it a few times hiking where I was able to wet it near a stream and I’ll say, it did indeed stayed wet and fresh though out our 4 hour hike, mind you it’s not too sunny out this time of year, so that might have helped to keep the temperature on the towel stable. It is a thin, light material so it doesn’t cause too much discomfort when thrown across the back of your neck. Non-the-less it’s a great towel to keep handy especially hiking , you just never know what you might need it for. #Free #GotItFree #Sample #Discount #VictoriasOrigin #Reviews Victoria Venecia‚Äč #FreeStuff #alfamo #hikngGear #WorkOutGear #CoolingTowel #NatureGear

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