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Warning this video is shaky – unfortunately this was before I invested in a gimbal.

Here we are hiking the Grandview Trail at the Grand Canyon (South Rim) on August 2016. The trail itself is 12.3 miles, we were only able to do around 3.5-4 miles due to our late start and weather conditions (it was about to pour).

It is pretty much an unmanned trail, very steep in areas and not for those who are scared of heights. As you will see we start at a decline, so the incline back up was extremely tough and exhausting. It is composed of mostly dirt paths and rocky steeps, so please make sure to wear proper footwear and watch your step. There are no rails and the path is not that wide.

Weather: I was surprised that it was cold at top of the canyon during the summer but once we began our decline down it got very hot and humid – so make sure to take plenty of water. You are going to burn a lot of calories and sweat a lot, so it is important to stay hydrated.

Yes the canyon colors are really that color – the view is purely majestic. Have you done this hike? Share your experience below!

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Cherubs by Josh Woodward
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  1. kiwuana says:

    Woow, que extrema!! Se ve muy entretenido el sendero, y la vista increíble!!

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